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Active Directory

How to create Active Directory Groups in Windows Server 2019/2016.

Today we will talk a bit about the organizational structure in Windows Server. Specifically, about the Active Directory Groups in the Domain. Previously we...

How to create user template in Windows Server 2019/2016

Hello! Windows Server has many features that support system administration. For example, through the users it is possible to manage many administrative and productive...

How to create a domain controller in Windows Server 2019/2016

Hello! A fundamental purpose of a server is to be able to manage the components of the organization's domain. Consequently, it is necessary to...

How to use Active Directory Administrative Center in Windows Server 2019/2016.

Hello! When managing Windows Server 2019/2016 it is important to know that we have several tools to control the objects in the directory. Indeed,...

How To Enable Active Directory Recycle Bin

In this blog post, I’ll show you How To Enable Active Directory Recycle Bin In Windows Server 2016 Directory Infrastructure. Active Directory Recycle Bin was...

How to install Active Directory on Windows 10.

Hello, how are you? Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 incorporates a very interesting feature called Active Directory Domain. Inasmuch as, allows you...

How to Move FSMO Roles on Windows Server 2016

Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) is a Microsoft Active Directory feature that is a specialized domain controller task used when standard data transfer and update methods are inadequate

How to Configure Folder Redirection in Windows Server 2016

This article shows you how simply you can redirect folder in Windows Server with group policy. The folder redirection is the way to keep...

Install and configure Azure AD connect in server 2019

Azure AD Connect is a tool for identity synchronization between on-premise AD and Azure AD.

How to install FTP Servers in Windows Server 2019

Hi, it is very good to be with you again!. In this opportunity, we will talk about FTP servers and how to installed it...

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