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How to install the MIUI 12 Control Center on any Android Device

Mi Control Center is a third-party application that allows you to install the MIUI 12 Control Center on your Android device. It also includes several customization options that are different from the stock version included with the MIUI 12 update. In this post, we will show you how to install Mi Control Center.

The recent arrival of the latest version of Xiaomi’s Android-based operating system (MIUI 12) brought a number of new features. The Control Center is one of the best features you can find in this version.

This set of tools allows you to improve your productivity when you’re using your device, you can make different actions in a faster way. Get a considerable improvement in your user experience. So let’s start it.

Installing Mi Control Center

You can easily find this application on Google play. Click on the following link to download and install the app:

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Google Play: Mi Control Center

First Step

Open the app, the application will request you to enable some permissions:

In the first one you will press allow.

Permissions screen
Permissions screen

Now go back to the main permission screen then press the Accessibility -> more service button. After that, you will be redirected to the Accessibility settings. Then, go to the More Downloaded Services –> Mi Control Center section, and turn on the Accessibility option.

Go to third option in the main permission screen. Then press Allow to modify system settings

modify system settings
Modify system settings

Again, in the last one Notification option, you will grant permission to Mi Control Center.

Notification option
Notification option

Second step

You are almost done with the initial configuration. The app will let you know that you can configure your swipe area as you want. You can also swipe in the empty spaces, or near the edges of the screen to switch between panels.

Third step

Finally, the app will warn you that the system can kill this app if you close it from the recent apps. To prevent closing this app, you must open the recent apps and you have to long-press Mi Control Center to lock this app into memory.

Fourth step


Finally, the main menu of the app will appear; here you will find a variety of customization options. You can switch between the Notification Shade and Control Center, you can also change the size of the Status bar swipe area and swap their positions.

main menu
Main menu

In the Layout section, you can change the shape of the icons, you can also show the media player above the tiles. In the Colors option, you can change the Background type and Background color, Notifications background colors, Text Color, and many other settings. The app includes a function to manage Data Usage.

You can also modify the configuration of the Edge Triggers. This application also has its own head-ups notifications; you can activate them or use the system ones. Besides in the extra section, you will find an option to backup and restore. This way you can create your own themes and switch them, among other things.

extra features
Extra section

Premium mode

This app offers you a premium mode only for $2.49. For brand new users for a limited time, for regular users $4.49, some of the premium features are:

  • Permanently unlock all Premium features of the app.
  • Remove all ads.
  • Custom color behind the panel; among other things.
premium mode
Premium mode


The Control Center of MIUI 12 has proven to be one of the most outstanding features of this new version, which is worth adding to your device. In the same way, this application which is developed by an independent company gives a twist adding even more possibilities of customization than the original version. Plus, this app will help you enjoy one of the most recent features even before the users of MIUI 12. Large companies like Xiaomi should follow the example given by this great community of developers behind.

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