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Make your life easier with this top 5 shortcuts with the Windows key

Windows has many access tricks that make it easy to use. Usually, common users are unaware of most of them. The shortcuts is included in this package. The shortcuts is the key combination that allows you to perform a quick action. This is done without clicking on the screen with the mouse. This option shortens processes and facilitates access to windows. Also, it makes it easier to execute functions.

This tool simplifies the life of the users. In it, speed and simplicity go hand in hand. The working time is reduced and you only need your fingers to use it. In this post we present the top 5 shortcuts only with the ‘Windows’ key. The ‘Windows’ key is located in the row of the space bar. Depending on the keyboard, it is usually between the function or ‘fn’ key, the ‘ctrl’ key and the ‘alt’ key. It is easy to recognize because it has the famous Windows icon engraved on it. If you still can’t place it properly, it looks like this:

Windows key
Windows key

The Windows key alone has a function. Pressing it shows or hides the start menu. As it happens when we click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

It looks silly, but simple actions make a difference. Users who use these simple shortcuts save time. Also, the execution of tasks is speeded up. Over time, using them will come naturally and you can discover more. Some shortcuts are added or modified in the updates. However, to begin with, the list of the 5 most useful shortcuts.

Top 5 shortcuts with the Windows key

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Windows + D key

Show and hide the desktopNormally, we look at the desktop by clicking on the lower right corner of the screen. This involves using the cursor. With this shortcut you can look at the desktop. Then, when you want to go back to the previous window, you use the same command and go back.

Windows key + L

Lock your PC or change your accountThis shortcut serves to suspend or lock your computer. In the same order, it works if you suddenly need to change user. When you use it, the initial screen that we observe when we turn on the computer appears.

Windows key + TAB

Access all desktops and applications with the task viewerWith this combination you visualize and choose the active screens on the computer. If you are doing several tasks at once, this shortcut is ideal and practical.

Windows key + M

Minimize all windows This shortcut saves the cumbersome job of minimizing window by window. Also, you can avoid prying eyes and quickly disappear the windows. Without leaving any trace of what you were doing.

Windows key + PrtSc or impPnt

Make a screenshot and save it in the Screenshots folder. The screenshot is practically a necessity. Screenshots save information in an image at once. This option avoids copying and pasting. It also covers everything in the windows. Several programs and other key combinations make screenshots. But the fastest option is this one. Because it also automatically saves the capture in the screenshots folder.

After knowing these top 5 shortcuts you will surely want to know more. Avoid complications and add more key combinations. It’s sure to make your daily work easier. As you use them, you will discover more. Soon they will be an essential part of your Windows experience. If you liked this article, remember to check out our latest post about securely delete files in Windows 10. Bye!

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