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How to create GPO in Windows Server 2019.

Hi, in today’s post we will be looking at GPOs in Windows Server 2019. The Group Police Object are a set of policies that can be created in different areas of the server. In addition, these rules seek to achieve a number of objectives. For example, to prevent users from executing an action. Or also, to generate that the computers develop automatic actions. Consequently, it is a great tool for managing a corporate environment when using Windows Server. Similarly, these policies can be applied to the entire domain or to an organizational unit. In this way it is possible to restrict access to certain parameters. Or force a special configuration to all client computers. For that reason, today we will see how to create GPO in Windows Server 2019.


  • The local network must be structured in Active Directory. That is, at least one of the servers must have the Active Directory installed. To know how to do it, take a look at this post.
  • The computers to be managed must be linked to the domain. In addition, their users must use their domain credentials to log in to the computers.
  • You need permissions to edit Group Policy in your domain. Consequently, the user has to be part of the Policy Administrator group.

Let’s create a Group Police Object on Windows Server 2019

In the first place, enter the Dashboard Server. Once there, please click on Tools. Then click on Group Policy Manager.

Enter the group policy manager.
Enter the group policy manager.

A window with the group policy manager will be displayed immediately. Please note that these steps are simple, but should be followed in their order. Well, in the left column you must select the previously created forest. Immediately below, is the assigned domain. Please right click on it, and select the option: Create a GPO in this domain and Link it here.

Creating a GPO within a domain
Creating a GPO within a domain

Then assign the name of your preference to the GPO.

Name the GPO as you wish.
Name the GPO as you wish.
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Finally, you can see the GPO actually created. In addition, you can see all the settings that have been made.


In this simple way, we have seen how to create a GPO on Windows Server. This tool is an excellent option to manage multiple computers connected to the directory. This allows to assign tasks and general behaviors. This way you avoid having to configure each computer individually. In later posts, we will continue to delve into these policies. All right, that’s it for now. See you later!

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