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Step By Step: Setup Active Directory Domain Service on Windows Server 2019

This Windows Server 2019 Active Directory installation guide will provide step-by-step illustrated instructions to create a NEW AD forest and DNS services.

Active Directory setup is divided into two parts:

1. Install Active directory Domain Service
2. Promote server as Domain controller

Configure Windows Server 2019 (Post OS Install)

First, I invite you to visit this link to know more about the installation of Windows Server 2019 and see their requirements.

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Perform the following tasks on the newly installed Windows Server 2019 and reboot the server.

  • Rename the Server
  • Set the Time Zone to your applicable Time Zone
  • Set a static IP Address on the TCP/IP V4 the INTERNAL Virtual Machine network card OS settings. Use your own private IP address subnet range. Use a 10.x.x.x or 172.16.x.x or 192.168.x.x IP range. For more details about Private Networks review the article here.
  • Install Windows Server 2019 Updates

Let’s walk through the methods of installing active directory on Windows Server 2019 and adding domain in new forest.

Step-1: Install Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) role.

1. Login into your server using administrators user credential.
2. Open the Server Manager.
3. Next select and click on Add roles and features from the Server Manager dashboard.


4. Click Next to proceed.


5. Select Role-based or feature-based installation option and click on Next.


6. Since I am installing AD DS server role locally, I will select “Select a server from the server pool”. Select the server on which you want to install AD DS server role, in my case its WS2K19-DC01.
Click on Next.


7. Now select Active Directory Domain Services from the Server Roles page.


8. Click on AD DS, will open a window explaining about additional feature that are required to install Active Directory Domain services. Click on Add Features.


9. Now select DNS server role and click on add features to add required additional features. Click on Next.


10. Review on features and select them. Once done, click on Next.


11. On AD DS tab, review the information about AD DS. Click on Next.


12. On DNS Server tab, review the information about DNS server role. Click on Next.


13. Click on Install to start the installation process.


14. Installation will take some time to complete.

Step-2: Promote Windows Server 2019 as Domain Controller.

1. After installing Active directory services, Click on Promote server to a domain controller link.


2. Select Deployment option as per your requirement. Here I am installing first Active directory in my network, so I am selecting Add a New Forest. Now specify your root domain name into the Root domain name field.


3. Select forest and domain functional level. In my new lab all servers will be Windows Server 2019. So I will be setting the functional level to Windows Server 2019. Leave the Domain Name System (DNS) server and Global Catalog (GC) options checked, You’ll also set your DSRM password here. Click on Next.


4. In next window it will give following error but it can be ignored. Click on next to continue.


5. In next window, it asks for the NetBIOS name. We can keep it defaults and click on next to continue.


6. In next window it gives option to change file paths for AD database, log files and SYSVOL files. We can change the paths or keep them defaults. Once changes are done, click on next to continue.


7. In next window it gives description about the installation. Click on next to continue.


8. In next window it will run system check and verify system is compatible with the selected installation. Once test completes successfully, click on install button to begin the installation. If its passes any critical errors, those needs to be address before the installation begin.


9. Then it will start the installation process, and we need to wait till it finishes. Once its complete the installation, it will automatically reboot the server.


10. Once server is rebooted, log in to server using domain admin credentials.


11. Open Server Manager console and click on tools. Select Active Directory Users and Computers.


12. Verify WS2019 (Windows server 2019)  is now promoted as a domain controller for my local domain from Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.


Congratulations!! We have successfully setup Active Directory Domain Service on Windows Server 2019. 

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