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How to prevent access to the Control Panel using GPO in Windows Server 2019/2016

The administrator of a server has multiple obligations. Indeed, one of them is to prohibit users from accessing or not accessing apps within the...

How to turn off the screen using GPO on Windows 10/Server 2019

Hello! Without a doubt the energy issue is crucial. Indeed, the use of the computer generates electricity consumption. Especially by the monitor. Since many...

How to import or export Local Security Policy in Windows 10/Server 2019

Hello! Microsoft has increased the security of Windows systems with different measures. Indeed, these actions are focused on protecting data and services. One of...

How to backup and restore Group Policy Objects in Windows Server 2016/2019.

Hi! Previously we have mentioned that Windows Server pursues a centralized administration of each role and service. In this way, a fluid communication between...

How to run applications on Windows Server startup with GPO

Hello! Windows Server offers multiple configuration options. Indeed, these features allow improving the productivity of the company. Specifically, today we will see how to...

How to create GPO in Windows Server 2019.

Hi, in today's post we will be looking at GPOs in Windows Server 2019. The Group Police Object are a set of policies that...

Mapping Drives with Group Policy Preferences and Item-Level Targeting

Mapping a drive means that you want permanent access to a shared folder created on another computer. Windows OS will assign a drive letter to the network drive and it can be accessed just like any other local drive connected to your computer.

Deploying printers using Group Policy

Deploying printers via Group Policy lets you manage your printers from a single console and also gives you granular control over which printers to deploy to individual client PCs without needing any additional software.

How to Install Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Using Group Policy

Chromium-based Edge is making further progress and is now suitable for enterprises, according to Microsoft. New features include configuration via group policies and compatibility with old web applications. But Microsoft's multi-platform strategy has downsides for Windows admins.

Configuration Example for QoS DSCP on Windows Server 2016

You can use QoS Policy as a central point of network bandwidth management across your entire Active Directory infrastructure by creating QoS profiles, whose...

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