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How to compress large videos in Windows 10

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Hello, how are you? Multimedia resources are definitely used in any system. Indeed, we live in the age of technology. That’s why almost everyone uses a smartphone or a digital camera. Consequently, taking a picture or recording a video is within everyone’s reach. Unlike previous years, recording high resolution video is a very affordable option. However, these videos often carry a lot of weight. So sometimes the handling becomes difficult. In such cases, it is interesting to be able to compress the size of the video to an ideal size. And with the addition of not losing much quality in the final result. Well, today we will see how to compress large videos in Windows 10.

How to compress large videos using Handbrake

There are currently many options available for compressing videos. In fact, one solution is to use online compressors. In my personal experience, these resources work on small size videos. So if you want to compress a really heavy video, then the answer is to use a dedicated program. This time we will use Handbrake. This is open source, free, multi-platform software that is very well known. Its main function is to encode and convert videos. But in addition, it can also be used to reduce the size of it. Similarly, the loss of quality is not much. On the other hand, it supports many video formats. This makes it possible to reduce almost any video. You can download it for free and without limitations from its official website. The installation process is as simple as any other Windows program.

Compressing a large video easily and without losing quality.

Below I will show you how to compress a large video. Just a few steps and without losing quality. After installing the program, you just have to launch it. On the initial screen there is the option to convert a video reel, or just one. In this opportunity we will select a video of 3.2 GB of size.

Initial screen of Handbrake
Initial screen of Handbrake

Then select the video in the location.

Select the video to compress
Select the video to compress

Immediately the program will start analyzing the video.

After selecting the video, you will see a preview of it. In addition, Handbrake has several tabs and settings. Don’t worry, we will edit only the necessary ones to guarantee a correct understanding of the video. In the first place inside the Summary tab, select the output format. There are many formats available, but this time we will use MP4. Also, to guarantee maximum compression, please check the box for Web optimized.

Adjusting video output formats.
Adjusting video output formats.

Now please go to the Video tab. Please pay attention, as these values will determine the success of the work. In the first place select the codec 264 (x264). This is an excellent and widely used codec because of its features. Another aspect to take into account is the Framerate (FPS). In general the human eye only needs 24-30 frames per second (FPS) to get a decent image. Therefore, it is convenient to reduce it to this range.

Selecting the codec for a better compression of the video.
Selecting the codec for a better compression of the video.

Back to the main screen, you can choose the destination directory of the video. Once you verify all the requirements, you can start the encoding.

Starting the video encoding.
Starting the video encoding.

After a few moments, depending on the size of the video and the power of the computer, the process will be complete. With these steps I have managed to reduce the size of the video from 3.23 GB to 373 mega. This represents a great compression ratio. Well, in this way we have seen how to compress large videos in Windows 10. From now on you can use Handbrake to reduce the size of those big videos. All right, that’s it for now. Before saying goodbye, I invite you to see our post about establishing a static IP address in Windows Server. Bye!

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