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How to get Google Opinion Rewards in any Country

Greetings! Google Opinion Rewards is a cool app, which will allow you to earn credit, to spend it on the Google Play service of your choice. But this app is only available in some countries. In this post, we will show you how to get Google Opinion Rewards in any country.

Google Opinion Rewards, is an app created by Google, in which we will be able to fill surveys occasionally and obtain as a reward credit for the Google Play Store. Google Play includes many services from apps and games to movies. This app is ideal for you if you want to generate some credits to spend on some apps such as games, sounds great right? But Google Opinion Rewards is only available in twenty-eight countries, you can check the list by clicking here.

Previous Requirements

Download and install Orbot, you can do it from google play following this link:

Google Play Store|Orbot: Tor for Android

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Orbot has a VPN feature which will allow you to change your IP address and location.

First step

In case the Google Opinion Rewards app does not appear in the Google Play Store due to your location, follow this step. First, open Orbot, then slide to the right. Then Orbot will ask you to enable an app to pass through the VPN. Press the choose apps button and choose Google Play. then go back and press the Done button.

Second Step

After that, you will see the main screen of Orbot. Now press the Global (Auto) button and select the United States as a Country. Finally activate the VPN Mode and press the onion icon for start. After a few seconds, you will have successfully connected.

Third step

Now on your Android device go to Settings> apps> manage apps> Google Play. Then delete all the data from the application. Deleting the data is necessary to start Google Play with the new location.

App info
App info

After that, download the Google Opinion Rewards app directly from Google Play following the link below:

Google Play Store| Google Opinion Rewards

Fourth Step

Once the Google Opinion Rewards app is installed, open Orbot again. From the Orbot main screen press Tor Enabled Apps. Then select the Google Opinion Rewards app. Finally, return to the main screen and make sure Orbot is running. If it does not connect, restart Orbot.

Fifth Step

Open the Google Opinion Rewards app. Slide to the right and press the Done button. Then select a Google account and press ok. After that, the app will ask you a few questions. I recommend you the answers match your Google account data. And that’s it, you will have Google Opinion Rewards successfully installed on your device.


If the Rewards app is not available in your country, you can use a VPN like Orbot or for example Turbo VPN, put the address in the United States. Then use your device by watching youtube or surfing on Google for one or two hours a day. This way you can improve the chance of getting more surveys. Remember this system is based on Google ads, so you need to see ads to receive surveys.

We also recommend that when you answer the surveys you try to give true information, so you can guarantee that you will continue receiving surveys.


To find the answer we just have to look. Google Opinion Reward is an alternative to those apps that require us to invest many hours to get results. With Google Opinion Rewards it won’t be like that because they will send us surveys from time to time. Now you know how to install it on your device. I invite you to join our Telegram channel. Thanks for reading!

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