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Green Address – Bitcoin wallet on Linux

In the case of Bitcoin wallets, there are lots of available options for all the platforms. However, Linux users face the greatest disadvantage as most of the wallet apps are available as source code. Users have to compile and install it in their system on their own. That’s a significant disadvantage for average day-to-day users with little or no knowledge of advanced usage of Linux commands and other features.

Thankfully, there are several Bitcoin wallets available for the Linux platform that come up pre-compiled for users. Bither is one of those and really easy to install. However, Bither installation did require a few command lines and care to enjoy the native Bitcoin wallet.

Today, we’ll be checking out the awesome Bitcoin wallet – Green Address. It doesn’t require any special knowledge or advanced command line works. In fact, this wallet is just a browser add-on (for Chrome/Chromium).

Green Address on Chrome

For enjoying this awesome Bitcoin wallet, you have to have Google Chrome on your system. It’s really easy to install the browser. It’s one of the most popular web browsers of the modern internet. However, it’s only available in 64-bit format and on major distros only. For other distros, you can find out a community managed package for your distro or you have to get Chromium, the open-source and community-managed version of Chrome.

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Note that the same action is also possible to perform with the Vivaldi browser as it’s a spin-off of Google Chrome. However, I don’t recommend using that as it may cause issues. However, try at your own risk if you want.

After installing Google Chrome, it’s time to install and enjoy Green Address.

Install Green Address

Get Green Address on Chrome Web Store. Note that it’s an app that runs almost like a native app on Google Chrome.

As of the new Google Chrome, it’s hard to find out the apps, right? Open a new tab, type the address “chrome://apps” and there, you’ll find out the apps.

Using Green Address

Like any other Bitcoin wallet, you can perform all the actions like sending money or receiving funds and keep a sharp look at your account money without any hassle.

Receive fund on Green Address

Send fun on Green Address

Willing to have a direct shortcut of the app on your screen? Go to the Chrome “Apps” page, right-click and select “Create shortcuts”.

Green Address is also available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It’s also avaibale on the open-source F-Droid store.

Enjoy your favorite cryptocurrency with Green Address!

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