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Install Bither on Linux

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies all over the world. In fact, it’s the most widely used cryptocurrency and the very first of its kind. Managing your Bitcoin account securely and easily is possible via Bitcoin wallets. These are programs that allow the users to directly interact with his/her account and manage funds in a safe method. However, Linux users find it difficult to enjoy a suitable Bitcoin wallet.

Most of the available wallets on Linux are available as source code and users have to compile the code into a usable piece of software. It’s totally understandable for this system, but it also deprives most of the users enjoying a suitable Bitcoin wallet on Linux.

If you’re one of those unfortunate ones, it’s your lucky day. Time to install the easiest Bitcoin wallet on your system – Bither.

Download Bither

Bither is available on lots of different platforms – Android, iOS, Linux, Windows etc. Head to the official site of Bither and download the Linux package. It’s only available for 64-bit Linux distros, but it’s highly unlikely that in the present day, anyone is running 32-bit Linux system unless the computer is REALLY old.

Installing Bither

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Now, run these codes for installing Bither in your system. I’ve downloaded the software at “~/Downloads” folder.

cd ~/Downloads
tar -xf Bither-linux64.tar

mkdir -p ~/Bitcoin

mv Bither-linux64-offline Bither-linux64.offline
mv Bither-linux64.offline ~/Bitcoin

cd ~/Bitcoin

Using Bither

Start Bither and click on the “+” symbol for starting the process of creating a new wallet.

Enjoy the awesome wallet on your Linux system.

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