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GNU NANO 5.0 available

The famous GNU Nano terminal was born in the year 200, it has slowly gained the affection of the users. Years after years they launched new versions so the year 2020 has been no exception. Reached version 5.0, its biggest version, and positioning itself as one of the most popular terminals in the Linux distributions, because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

GNU Nano 5.0, does not bring big news, but on the contrary, small changes and improvements that contribute to the application process. In a more agile way than the developers are used to by their users, GNU Nano 5.0 is the proof that the project is alive. And with some implementations that regular users will love.

GNU Nano outstanding features

Coming with changes compared to its predecessor in version 4.x. Among the most remarkable aspects we have:

  • It contains an option that has an indicator used in the “Scroll Bar” on the right side of the screen. To indicate where approximately the buffer is located in the display/text port.
  • The execution command symbol is accessible directly in the main menu.
  • Implementation of new colors like Pink, Purple, Mauve, Lagoon, Mint, Lime, Peach, Orange, and Coffee with milk. In addition to a new variant “Light” with a number of existing common colors, for the terminals that support 256 colors.
  • The anticipated colors with “Bold” or “Italic” for greater support of the performance.
  • To start with a blank space is treated as the beginning of a new paragraph, generating a new style (--bookstyle).
  • Includes support for Markdown, Haskell, and Ada.
  • Add-ons and changes to command and option times.


This version of GNU Nano maintains the custom that developers have worked on since its inception. Continuing with its simplicity and effectiveness that have enchanted the users, positioning itself as one of the most popular terminals in the Linux distributions. The GNU Nano project is still alive, and although it does not bring any big changes it represents one more attraction to the users. Contributing to the improvement of application processes.

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