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How to improve pictures on Android?

Hi, how are you? Today we bring you a very special application, this application is able to improve your pictures using your Android device.

Maybe, in social media, you have seen old photos of famous people or memes that are completely restored.

The application that makes possible the photos go from being pixelated to high quality it’s called Remini.

This application uses technology similar to Faceapp. Because it changes faces and also the gender of the photos of its users.

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Both apps have a large database with many faces, in this case, you will not need a very powerful device.

In the application servers the whole process is done.

Therefore we will need an internet connection. Remini also has limits; in this case the application must detect at least one face no matter how close, far, or pixelated the face are.

however it doesn’t matter how blurred the image is, the app is capable of making false estimates, because the application instead of restoring in the literal sense, what it does is to predict how the face would be.

If you restore an old photo of your family members you can realize that they are not exactly the same facial features.

In this way you get incredible results because the capacity of the algorithm is really impressive.

Installing Remini to improve pictures

So, Remini is available for Android and ios for free to download I recommend you follow the links below:

Remini Google Play page

Remini iOS App Store Page

First steps with Remini

After you open the application you will be requested to create an account, you can logging using your Facebook account or your Google account, you can also do it through your personal email address.

After you have successfully registered you will see the main menu.

If you go to the “me” section you’ll see your profile picture followed by your user name, also two buttons, that will be used; one to subscribe and the other one to buy pro cards.

Remini works with a card system, each image will cost you a card, you can make 5 images for free per day.

You can pay a monthly subscription for only $4.99 through google wallet which will allow you to process unlimited photos every day, also you will get 5 pro cards every month.

In this case you have many purchase options ranging from x7 pro cards for $4.99 to x230 pro cards for $99.9; also includes a discount for the first purchase of 40-60%

Improve your pictures with Remini

To restore a photo you will touch the button “Enhance”; then the application will ask you for permission to access the internal storage of your device; you have to press to allow button.

The app will show you the most recent images you have saved.

So, you can change the location of the storage to a specific folder by pressing the button called “recent”; you choose an image in which there is at least one face.

After you had chosen the photo, you will find two buttons below the photo; one of them to accept and another one to crop the image.

If you crop the image you will get better results due you will uploading less information to the servers. In the next menu, you will see different options to crop, rotate, and scale the image.

You will pinch to zoom and leave the part that you will cut inside the square, you will press the button “check”; that button is in the upper-right part, with this you will already have the crop.

Then you will press the red check button to confirm and you’ll wait to finish the process.

After a few seconds, the app will show you the result, you can slide a vertical bar to compare the before and after of the image, and also the app allows you to select a cut-out of the faces to review it more closely.

In this case, you can save four photos the first one with the cut-out and the other three comparing faces.

The application will give you options to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

The final result:

Vintage family photo


Remini is one of those apps that you didn’t expect to easily find because its a complete tool that can offer you excellent results.

Nowadays more and more tools are coming out to the market which is able to save us a lot of time and money.

Years ago this was something unimaginable, we hope to continue bringing you more information about it.

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