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Don’t Click “Check for Updates”!!!

Do you remember the faulty Windows update that started randomly deleting user files? Yes, that OBNOXIOUS Windows update (Windows 10 version 1809) was triggered by those users who clicked that “Check for Updates” button from “Settings” app.

If you have a habit of being proud of your system completely up-to-date by checking out for Windows Updates frequently, you have to stop it for your own concern. You obviously don’t want to get all your data deleted all of a sudden, right?

What actually happened?

Microsoft released Windows 10 version 1809 as an update via the “Windows Update” channel. However, after the update was installed, a number of people reported that their data in their “Documents” folder were being deleted!!!

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Microsoft, at first, didn’t accept the fact that their update was the culprit. Finally, they pulled back the update and silently accepted the fact. Learn more about the faulty Windows update.

How the update went into people’s hand

Recently, Microsoft revealed how that update sneaked its way into real life users. Those who were affected by the bug, you guys SURELY used the “Check for updates” feature for updating your Windows!

I know that sounds ridiculous but that’s what happened. In the case of each update, be it a security one or a feature update, “Windows Insider Preview” users get them first to check out its functionalities and usability in the real world scenario. Then, if the update is properly ready, the general Windows users get them.

Whenever you click the “Check for updates” button, the Windows update facility even reaches for the “testing” channel for updates! The update wasn’t ready to be released for the public but as the affected ones checked for updates, the system installed that buggy one into their system. Guess what? That entire “Documents” folder simply vanishes!

Microsoft says DON’T CLICK THE BUTTON!

Yes, that’s what Microsoft is telling now in defense of their fault. Check out this blog post

In other words, if you go to Settings >> Windows Updates >> click “Check for updates”, that careful procedure for Windows updates are pushed aside and you get those experimental features installed in your system.

Here’s another blog post from Microsoft when they released the Windows 10 April 2018 update.


Why the “Check for updates” do this

This isn’t the behavior of the Windows Update feature that we all think of. This change in behavior was introduced to April 2018 update and it continued with the October 2018 update. Previously, you had to take the help of Update Assistant Tool for installing the upgrade. You can still enjoy it. However, checking update via the “Check for updates” button does the same thing.

What to do now

Well, it’s best to let Windows do its job all by itself. You don’t necessarily have to force Windows to check out for the latest available updates.

If your system is downloading that sketchy update, you have the right to stop it in its path. Learn more about disabling and enabling Windows Update anytime you want.

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