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How to Disable/Enable Windows Updates in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest Windows version from Microsoft. Since 2015, it’s being maintained and improved bit after bit by Microsoft. It’s an amazing operating system that offers better performance, usability, and security than any other Windows. To ensure the latest security & performance patches, Microsoft included “Windows Update” system. Using that, the OS can automatically upgrade itself to the latest version.

Microsoft releases updates that patches different security holes upgrade performance and improves security. However, the process of “Windows Update” is still not so good. For example, it might pop up useless notification of restarting your PC or eat up your precious bandwidth. Of course, all of them are easily manageable but requires quite a time. The best possible solution is to stop the process “Windows Update”.

Disable Windows Update

Instead of going through system settings and performing tasks require great experience and focus. One slight mistake may cause severe issues. To make the task easier, there’s a tool named StopUpdates10.

This is a completely safe tool. The size is also quite small (about 2MB). Download and install StopUpdates10.

Features of StopUpdates10

  • Freeware.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.
  • Easy disable/enable Windows Updates.

How to disable Windows Updates

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After downloading the tool, install it. The process is really simple, takes about 1 minute. Now, the real work begins.

  • Start StopUpdates10.

  • Click on “Stop Windows Updates!” button.

Voila! Your Windows Update procedure is blocked. Don’t get scared by the error message!

How to enable Windows Updates

  • Start StopUpdates10.

  • Click on “Restore Windows Updates”.

Yahoo! Windows Update is active once again!

The tool doesn’t delete any file from the system. Instead, it tweaks the system settings for you to disable/enable Windows Updates.

For your convenience, you can download Windows Updates separately and update offline! Learn how to update Windows offline.

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