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Chrome 66 Released!

Google Chrome is, by far, one of the most popular web browsers of all. It’s so popular that more than 50% of the browser market share is under the ownership of Chrome. After all, it’s a Google software that targets becoming more user-friendly and secured at the same time.

Very recently, Google has released Chrome 66. It’s now in the Stable channel. If you’re a Google Chrome user, update to the latest version now. This new update comes up with a number of features & fixes along with some improvements.

Symantec certificate distrust

The most noticeable change is distrusting Symantec certificates. After updating to Chrome 66, you’ll notice the warning on some sites. Chrome is currently distrusting all Symantec certificates issued prior to June 1, 2016. It’s the stage two of Google’s plan to completely distrust all the Symantec certificates.

Google targets to reach the goal in October 2018 (the schedule to release Chrome 70). In case you face the error and can’t access the sites, you can try out other browsers. Check out the best web browsers of 2018.

Strict site isolation

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Google has been working with site isolation for quite a long time. This feature allows isolating sites within unique sandboxes. This feature has been in the Chrome features list since Chrome 63, but it was disabled by default.

Now, with Chrome 66, this feature is improved and a lot better. Site isolation also helped to mitigate the vulnerability due to Spectre published in early January. Learn more about Chrome site isolation.

Code injection prevention

Starting with Chrome 66, Google will show a warning message when any 3rd-party apps inject code into Chrome’s process. Generally, this is done by antivirus engines and other security & debug tools.

Google has the plan to block this procedure completely starting with Chrome 72 which is scheduled to air January 2019.

Interested Chrome users can check out the full changelog of Chrome 66.

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