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Top Internet Browsers You HAVE To Get in 2018

The internet has come a long way. So have internet web browsers. Gone are the days when we had to stare at the screen for eternities before Internet Explorer finally decided to display your web page. Now, we have lightning-fast and much more efficient web browsers that can display HTML5 web pages in less than a few seconds. But, there are so many browsers out there. I could name more than ten browsers off the top of my head. So, which one do you choose? Do you go for the one that looks the prettiest? Do you look for the fastest one? To determine the overall best browser, we’ll discuss four web browsers and the reasons why they made our list.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is by far, the most used web browser in the world. In November 2017, 76.1% of the people using web browsers were on Chrome. The main reason for the popularity of Chrome is its speed and efficiency. The browser can load HTML5 web pages faster than any of its competitors. Other than that, Google Chrome offers a higher amount of customization options. The user can tailor the browser to suit his/her needs. Sorting pages, using multiple tabs, downloading and browsing becomes much easier with Chrome.

2. Firefox

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Currently, Firefox is the only browser that can give Chrome a run for its money. A few years ago, the browser was heavily defamed after the security vulnerabilities came to light. Since then, countless updates have more than rectified that error. Firefox offer the most user-friendly interface on the web. The page is a bit slower to load web pages, but it makes up for that with its smooth processing. Firefox uses a bit more data and memory than it should and it slows down the overall speed of the computer somewhat. But, even with its errors, Firefox is the second best browser available.

3. Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge

Until late 2008, Internet Explorer was hosting the majority of the users on the web. But, once more pages started using HTML5, IE’s fame started fading quickly. IE is a fast browser with good firewall capabilities, but it is drastically slower in loading HTML5. That is the reason why IE lost to Chrome. Microsoft then released a new browser called Edge, alongside with Windows 10. This is a completely new browser, looks sleek and professional and covers up the slow processing speed of IE.

4. Opera

Opera is highly known for its compression features. Opera isn’t the fastest or the best looking browser out there but it can sure save you a ton of network data. Opera itself claims that the “Extreme Compression Mode” can save up to 90% usage on most web pages, which is pretty impressive. Opera’s mobile browsers are also one of the most stable ones out there. If you’re running outdated hardware and software, then Opera is the best choice available for you.

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