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Best Screenshot Tools for Linux

All the Linux desktop environments come up with a nice, handy screenshot tool that can capture the whole or a part of the screen, even you can set the timer for screenshot capturing. However, despite being handy, these tools try to be the simplest possible. Almost all of them are identical in terms of features and usage. Here are some of the best alternative tools for Linux users to take screenshots with advanced features.

For basic and advanced usage, Shutter is pretty cool. It’s extremely configurable with hundreds of available plugins to customize its functionalities. It can also take a screenshot of any website without opening the browser. It also comes up with a load of useful editing tools to quick-edit your screenshots.


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Get Shutter.

The main disadvantage of the built-in screenshot tools of Linux desktop environments is that they don’t have the ability to upload the screenshots to servers. In this scenario, ScreenCloud performs a really good job. As you may have already guessed from the name, it saves all the screenshots on the cloud and online image hosts.

Get ScreenCloud.

If you’re in need of a browser screenshot tool for taking images of websites, you should consider using qSnap. It’s a cross-browser app that supports all the major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera etc. Get qSnap.

Additionally, you can easily edit your screenshots with a handy set of tools and upload them to your favorite web hosting/server if you want. It’s not a native app, but worth as a browser plugin.

Many of you maybe didn’t know, but GIMP is a really powerful tool in terms of image editing and capturing. You can easily capture a screenshot with this tool. GIMP comes pre-installed in most of the major Linux distros. Get GIMP.

For taking a screenshot, go to File >> Create >> Screenshot.

There, you can take a screenshot and do whatever you want with GIMP.

Enjoy the awesome screenshot tools! If you’re on Windows, we also got you covered. Check out the best screenshot tools for Windows.

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