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Best Free Screenshot Tools for Windows

For every computer user, taking a screenshot one of the necessary tasks in lots of situations. Sometimes, you may want to share something on your screen with others, or you’re stuck on an issue and need an answer. There are lots of other possible scenarios when you need to capture your screen. There are some of the best tools available on the internet that can give you the best experience of capturing your computer screen.

For Windows users, here are some of the best and free tools.

  • Snipping Tool

Believe it or not, this is one of the easiest tools you can use for most cases. It comes by default on Windows and available on all the major Windows releases. Older Windows like Windows XP or 7 has a slightly older model of the tool, but Windows 10 and its predecessors come up with awesome power.

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Besides using the tool, you can take a full-screen screenshot at any time by pressing “Windows + PrtScn” key. This will save the screenshot at “C:\Users\<username>\Pictures\Screenshots”. If you want to copy a part of the screen to the clipboard, press “Windows + Shift + S”. You can mark an area and it’ll be copied to the clipboard.

  • Greenshot

This tool is really helpful in taking screenshots. Moreover, there are lots of customizable options to help you out in taking screenshots of your computer. Greenshot is a free and open-source tool.

Using Greenshot, you can assign specific keyboard shortcuts for different screenshot modes like full screen, a region or even the last region you took a screenshot of! In the preference, there are tons of other useful features like delay time. You can even configure to upload your screenshot to ImgGur for easier sharing.

  • PicPick

For having more customizability and editing options, PicPick is the best choice. It offers really powerful editing ability where you can resize, crop, insert text & stamps and apply effects etc.

Unlike Greenshot, this tool is a bit heavier, but not anywhere near to jam your system. In addition, you can easily share your pictures to Facebook, Twitter or an FTP server.

  • Game screenshot tools

The above tools are all for general usage. In the case of gaming, you need something special that can take a screenshot without hampering the game performance.

If you’re a gamer, it’s highly likely that you already have a graphics card. Depending on your vendor, I recommend using AMD ReLive or NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Using these tools, you can easily capture screenshot and videos from your gaming. Moreover, they also offer customizable keyboard shortcuts and live to stream.

If you love playing games, then FPS is obviously in your favorite list. Check out the best FPS games of 2018!


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