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Automate tasks and processes in Windows 10 with Power Automate Desktop

If you are a heavy computer user, then this information is for you. Of course, it is advisable to be able to automate as many tasks as possible. Certainly, Windows allows you to do this task. However, it involves creating scripts or scripting. Therefore, it is not a task for every user. Well, Microsoft has been projecting for years with Robotic Process Automation. Which is a very demanded function in enterprise environments. Since it allows the automation of certain tasks. What frees of responsibilities to the employees. In any case, Microsoft has packaged this technology in a friendly and graphical interface. So, now you can automate tasks and processes in Windows 10 with Power Automate Desktop.

Power Automate Desktop: automate all your tasks.

Until last week, this tool was paid. However, for now we can try it for free. In addition, its functionality is very simple and incorporates many predefined actions. These can also be linked together to create more complex tasks. This tool records keystrokes and mouse clicks. Additionally, it can be used in programs like Office or Outlook. On the other hand, the configuration options are endless. We can assign commands, conditional situations, files, actions and schedule tasks. For example, consider that you have to update ten Excel files with new data calculated using a macro. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to do it manually. Instead, you simply create a task to open Excel, run the macro, add the new results in a cell, and save and close the file.

In essence, we are talking about a tool that allows you to program tasks in a simple way. Since it allows programming complex tasks without having a lot of programming knowledge. Previously it was a paid tool. However, it will be gradually incorporated to Windows users. Firstly, to members of the insider program. And then to the public. However, you can install it now from this link.

Some features of Power Automate Desktop

A key element of this tool is that it is not necessary or required to use code to build the scripts. In any case, the actions are grouped by thematic blocks. So to create a combination, just drag and drop them in an orderly fashion. And then configure the parameters for each particular macro. In addition, it is possible to configure complex tasks. In this case, each flow allows the creation of several subgroups. Therefore, it substantially facilitates the creation and revision of these subgroups. In the same way we can establish conditional jumps, with which the robot gains in complexity. In addition, it is able to perform tasks in which the flow is not continuous. And it can also diversify at certain conditional points.

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On the other hand, we can define what to do if a failure occurs during the execution of the task. For example, try to repeat the action, jump to another step, etc. This is essential when working with macros that work with impoderables. Suppose you program an action that downloads the most current copy of a file from a server. In addition, you set it to delete the previous copy afterwards. Then it may happen that the most recent version is not downloaded because of connection problems. But the action will delete the previous version. Well, with this option we will prevent this from happening.

Finally, Power Automate Desktop can be configured to run remotely. So we will manage actions even without having physical access to the computer. On the other hand, it includes extensions for Google Chrome and Edge. So it is possible to program actions related to the web. For example: extract data, perform web tests, fill in forms, make API calls, etc.


Finally, we have seen how to automate tasks and processes in Windows 10 with Power Automate Desktop. You will surely get the most out of the app as you use it. Also, Microsoft has developed a lot of useful documentation. Bye!

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