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Chris is the Chairman and CEO of GC Media Publishing Management, Business Principal of Freedom Publishers Union and Editor of Tecseek Technology. Chris is also a public advocate for Creative Commons and Tor Project.

Handpicked Firefox Add-ons Essentials

Your operating system is a pretty important part of your computer. Without it, your computer will simply fail to operate and be rendered useless....

Develop Your Own Search Engine Landing Page

Are you tired of waiting for your home page to load when you open your web browser, or when you press the Home button?...

Protect Your Family With BlockSite

Usually, I support efforts to protect a free and open internet, advising against internet filters and blocking mechanisms which restrict, censor or block access...

Debian 9.9 “Stretch” Update and 10.0 “Buster” Consolidated Review

Open-source developers have been busy in excess of two years, working hard to release the latest version of the Debian Linux operating system. Debian...

Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) Review

This is actually my second review that I have written for Ubuntu 19.04, which bares the rather charming codename of the ‘Disco Dingo’. I...

IBM Best Placed to Protect and Support Fedora Linux and CentOS

When I first read the story published to the Wall Street Journal newspaper on IBM acquiring Red Hat, like many of my fellow Linux geeks,...

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