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Zeal – The Best Documentation Browser for Programmers

If you’re a developer, you already know how much deep this can go. There are hundreds of things to understand and apply in every program you design, every program you write. In the case of programming languages, things become even more interesting and crazy. If you’ve learned 2 or more programming languages, then this is like hell. All the methods described in different places get jumbled in your head, right? Well, Zeal is the perfect solution for your headache. It’s a powerful documentation browser for programmers.

Zeal is an awesome software that has a big collection of references, examples, and explanations from 192 programming languages, including all the popular and unpopular ones at the same spot. For programmers, this is the biggest help they could ever imagine. Once you learn, your brain tends to mix up things, make mistakes or even forget important elements. With the help of Zeal, you can easily keep learning without a headache.

Zeal comes up with a rich collection of lots of programming languages. All the documentation are offline, so you don’t have to worry about the internet. Check out all the list of all the supported languages.

How to get Zeal

Zeal is available for both Windows and Linux platform. For Windows users, Zeal provides an installable MSI edition. Download Zeal for Windows.

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If you’re a Linux user, then installing Zeal is also quite easy. Just follow the step(s) depending on your Linux distro and Zeal will be available in your system.

  • Debian, Ubuntu & (Debian + Ubuntu)-based

In the terminal, run the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install zeal

  • Arch & Arch-based

If you’re running Arch Linux or other distros based on Arch, run this command:

$ sudo pacman -S zeal
  • OpenSUSE

OpenSUSE comes up in 2 different variations – Leap and Tumbleweed. Run the commands depending on your variation.

  • Tumbleweed
# zypper addrepo https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/devel:tools/openSUSE_Tumbleweed/devel:tools.repo
# zypper refresh
# zypper install zeal
  • Leap
# zypper addrepo https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/devel:tools/openSUSE_Leap_42.3/devel:tools.repo
# zypper refresh
# zypper install zeal
  • Fedora

If your system is running Fedora, use this command:

$ sudo dnf install zeal
  • Gentoo

Gentoo isn’t so popular, but a high-class Linux for advanced users ONLY. If you’re a Gentoo user, use this command to get Zeal in your system.

# emerge app-doc/zeal
  • FreeBSD

For FreeBSD, run this command:

# cd /usr/ports/devel/zeal/ && make install clean

Else, you can directly install the Zeal binary package.

# pkg install zeal


Once the installation is complete, you can easily add all required docsets depending on your need. In order to install any docset, go to File >> Options >> “Docsets” tab. Here, you can add any documents to your collection.

Once the download is complete, it’ll be available on the left panel of the main window. Just browse through the tree to learn whatever you want to.

Let’s start learning to code with Zeal!

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