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Your old phone or tablet can be a good e-book reader: here’s how to set it up

Hello friends! Before throwing away your old phone, you can give it many uses. In this way, we help the planet. We do not throw away trash or buy other devices that perform the same function. I use my phone a lot for reading. But since my old tablet became obsolete, I decided to give it a new life. And it is excellent. So, we recommend you read this article carefully and keep all your old devices. Because they can be put to new use. Sometimes, it is not worth investing money in acquiring new equipment if the old ones can perform some functions correctly. Like using them as Android Auto, as a second screen of your computer. So let’s see how to set up your old phone or tablet to turn it into an e-book reader.

Use your old phone or tablet as an e-book, give it a new life

One of the easiest functions is to use them as an e-book reader. Thanks to the capacity of our devices, we can hold an infinite number of electronic books or e-books. Whether we have the file of the book in question, or we use online services such as Amazon Kindle, that old device will have a new life. We can pay for a subscription or search for books on pages to download for free.

Settings for reading comfortably on your phone or tablet

When it comes to using your old phone or tablet for reading there are several important factors to consider that make the experience more satisfying:

  • Don’t worry about your eyesight: the apps we use adapt the content to the screen of your device.
  • Use the reading mode or night light to give a warm touch to the panel, your eyes will thank you.
  • Adjust the brightness to the brightness of the room you are in. Don’t set it too high or too low that you can’t read. You’ll find the right spot for you in no time.
  • Organize your book library so you know where you left off and what books you have available.
  • Try all the apps we recommend (even some more, if you have time). Choose the one you like the most and the one you feel most comfortable with.
  • If you like an ebook reading app, don’t hesitate to buy it. It will give you extra features that you will surely take advantage of.
  • Delve into the settings and possibilities of your favorite application. Adapt it to your taste to make your reading time even more enjoyable.

Apart from these tips, something I always do when I give new life to old devices is to factory reset. Remove all pre-installed apps, empty their internal memory, and disable all those functions that consume battery. Such as the synchronization of accounts or applications. In this way, we will prolong the life of your battery and make the device move more smoothly.

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Featured Apps for reading books:

Google Books, a safe bet

Google always has a tool for every purpose. In this case, it offers us a very complete application with a clean design. From it, you can buy books, comics, and manga. When you finish reading a title, it will know what to recommend, making the experience very simple, but effective.

Google Play | Google Play Books & Audiobooks

Google Books
Google Books

Amazon Kindle, is one of the largest libraries and a very intuitive app

Amazon devotes part of its efforts to Kindle. A range of devices and an application designed to read ebooks. With millions of books (and growing), the application will allow you to read and adjust the reading experience to your liking. You can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited if you wish.

Google Play | Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Your old phone or tablet
Amazon Kindle

Kobo Books, millions of books and audiobooks

This app offers a very competitive selection of free books. On the other hand, you can always buy the titles that interest you. In addition, it has synchronization between devices so if you use more than one to read, you will always have updated reading progress and all your data.

Google Play | Kobo Books – eBooks Audiobooks

Kobo Books
Kobo Books

Reusing old devices makes our lives easier, we don’t spend money unnecessarily and we contribute to sustainability. And the experience couldn’t be better thanks to the apps – enjoy your reading time! Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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