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Windows 10 update blocks some applications.

Finally, Microsoft admits bugs in some cumulative updates. In fact, these errors cause applications to crash. Users have reported that some applications are crashing. Or worse, they redirect to the dreaded blue screen of death. Apparently, this error is related to cumulative applications. Specifically, KB4598299 and KB4598301 targeting operating system versions 20H2, version 2004, or version 1909. Also, these updates were released in the last few days with .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 enhancements. Users have reported errors when installing these applications. And the most common error is the blocking of some applications. The affected apps are Visual Studio, Windows Presentation Foundation, and other products. However, users have reported that after installing update KB4598299 they can no longer use Visual Studio 2019. Well, be careful because Windows 10 update blocks some applications.

Microsoft ends up admitting that some Windows 10 update block applications.

There has been so much pressure that the Redmond company finally admitted it. In the past, Microsoft has chosen not to admit flaws. It has been a fairly common policy. However, the pressure in networks has been such, that this time they have given in. Indeed, the problem is in the KB4598301 update. The company claims to be working on the fix.

Solutions for this error.

In the past, these errors have not been easily solved. Even Microsoft has been unable (or unwilling) to solve them. So even third parties have released patches or fixes for problems in Windows 10. However, this time the solution is simple. Moreover, it is within the user’s reach. Since it is enough to uninstall the problematic updates. With this intention, press the Win+I combination to go to Windows Settings. Once there, please click on Update & Security.

Please go to Updates and Security
Please go to Updates and Security

Next, please click on View update history

Check the update history
Check the update history
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Next, click on Uninstall updates. Please select the problematic update and remove it.

Alright, we have seen that Windows 10 update blocks some applications. As usual, Microsoft causes more problems than solutions with its update policy. However, at least this time there are solutions. Okay, that’s all for now. See you soon!

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