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How to install the Munin agent on Ubuntu 20.04?

Hello, friends. In this post, you will learn how to install Munin Agent on Ubuntu 20.04. Of course, we will also add it to the server so that it can monitor it.

In the previous post, you learned how to install Munin on Debian 10. That installation referred to the server-side. Note that Munin monitors especially remote machines. Now I will show you how to install the agent or client on an Ubuntu 20.04 machine so that the client is handled by the server. The procedure is quite simple and practical.

Install Munin Agent on Ubuntu 20.04

Before we start, you have to know that we are working on two servers. The first one is where we have the Munin server which contains Debian 10. The other one is the client.

Have at hand the IP addresses and hostname of each of them and open the port 4949 on both.

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So, on the client, open a terminal session and update Ubuntu.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

After that, you need to install the munin-node package which is the package where the Munin client is embedded.

This package is available in the official Ubuntu repositories so the installation is not complex.

So, install the package by running:

sudo apt install munin-node

this way it will be installed.

Adding the Munin client to the server

On the client-side, we now have to configure the machine to communicate with the server.

To do this, edit the munin configuration file

sudo nano /etc/munin/munin-node.conf

And at the end of the file, add the following content:

host_name osradarclient
allow ^$
1.- Configuring Munin Agent on Ubuntu 20.04
1.- Configuring Munin Agent on Ubuntu 20.04

Remember to change the hostname to the client’s hostname and the client’s IP address. Do not modify the symbols ^ or \ which are necessary.

Save the file and close it.

Apply the changes by restarting the munin-node service.

sudo systemctl restart munin-node.service

And check the status of the service:

sudo systemctl status munin-node.service

Working on the server

We are almost ready, but we have to adjust some things on the server.

On the server, open the munin configuration file.

sudo nano /etc/munin/munin.conf

And add the following information

    use_node_name yes
2.- Munin Agent
2.- Munin Agent

Remember that you have to change the hostname and the IP address to the client’s one. This is done so that the program can monitor it.

Apply the changes by restarting the munin services.

sudo systemctl restart munin munin-node.service

Now we are ready.

Now open a web browser and access the Munin server and you should see the client node already added.

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