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Whatsapp on Linux

If we speak in terms of security and functionality, Whatsapp is certainly not the only one.
the most recommended tool. However, it must be said that it is one of the most popular.
We could even say that it is the most. Therefore, it is common for Linux users to we also need to use it on the desk. So, what is the status of Whatsapp in Linux? In this post, we will explain the situation in detail.

Whatsapp on Windows and Mac

These proprietary systems have a desktop client made by Whatsapp. But they are not the big deal either, because all they did was package the web version using Electron.

While it is true that, having the application on the desktop, communication is more comfortable, but at a technical level does not offer much more.

Thanks to the web interface are possible to have Whatsapp on Linux

Several years ago, Whatsapp deployed the possibility of having a web client dependent on the mobile. It fulfills almost all the functions of the mobile application but from the browser web. At first, it worked only with the Google Chrome browser, but in the Firefox is now supported.

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In Linux, the situation is different because there is no desktop client, not even as in Windows or Mac which is a packaged web version. Therefore, as long as the company does not deign in developing a desktop client, the best official option is the web client. But there is something else.

Franz and Rambox allow having Whatsapp on Linux

There are applications that package many online services into a single application. In this
case, there are Franz and Rambox that at the time, we explained in detail. Each of them, also support Whatsapp.

Franz seems with a more mature development and with more time available, it looks like a
safe alternative.

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On the other hand, Rambox emerges as a purely communitarian alternative trying to displace Franz from his privileged position. These applications support many different services. But not only that but also, allow a fairly decent integration with the operating system running it.

Read more about Rambox.

And in this case, Linux is no exception and have integration with notifications and many options more.


Whatsaap is a popular application used by many Linux users. Unfortunately not we have a native client capable of being sufficiently functional at the level of Telegram. However, we always have some applications that to a certain extent fill in the void left.

However, Telegram is a better application that we invite you to use. Here is how to install it on Linux.

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