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How to find out your Android’s IMEI number

Hello friends, every phone has a unique identification number called IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) It is a fifteen-digit number that can be important to...

How to enable Caller ID Announcement on Android

Hello folks! The Google phone app is one of the most used apps available on a large part of Android phones. Recently they added...

How to Block a phone number on Android

Hello friends. In this post, we will show you how to block a phone number on Android. Have you ever wondered how to block...

How to set Your Phone on Windows 10

Hello! It is a real pleasure to be with you again. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds. And it is the desire of...

Whatsapp on Linux

If we speak in terms of security and functionality, Whatsapp is certainly not the only one. the most recommended tool. However, it must be said...

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