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What are Firefox Multi-Account containers

Hello! The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of daily life. Indeed, we have made an accelerated transition to the digital world. Therefore, we are spending more and more time on the computer. So, we use it for work, study, and leisure. Therefore, we are likely to share much of our life data with the computer. Consequently, it is advisable to maintain privacy in the different aspects of our life. For this reason, Firefox has been working on a container concept. This tool allows you to manage different profiles in the browser. Read on to find out what are Firefox Multi-Account containers.

What are Firefox Multi-Account containers

It is a tool that will allow you to separate work, shopping and personal navigation. Plus, without having to delete history, log in and out or use another browser. Specifically, the containers are based on tabs. However, they behave differently from normal tabs. In effect, the visited web pages will have access to a separate area of the browser storage. Therefore, browsing preferences will not be transferred to another container tab. In short, each container will maintain its settings independently from the others.

We have already established that when we surf the Internet, we leave a trail. This happens thanks to cookies and trackers. We certainly cannot do without cookies. Indeed, we would not be able to log in. But if we use a container, then we would limit the tracking to the information in it. On the other hand, it is possible to log in to several accounts at the same time. For example, we could use our work Gmail account and our personal Gmail account in each container. It also offers greater protection in case of a cyberattack. For example, a link will only affect one container. It also allows you to assign a web page to a specific container so that it will always open there. Finally, it allows differentiating between work and personal containers. So, it is possible to open one or the other depending on where you are.

How to install multi-account containers in Firefox

The first thing you need to do is to open Mozilla Firefox. Next, let’s add the extension. With this in mind, please visit this link. You will immediately see a screen like the following one. Please click on Add to Firefox.

Adding the Firefox Multi-Account Containers Add-on
Adding the Firefox Multi-Account Containers Add-on
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Just grant the appropriate permissions, and wait a few moments while the add-on is added.

How Firefox multi-account containers work.

To start using this tool, just click on the icon in the upper-right corner.

Starting the Firefox multi-container configuration.
Starting the Firefox multi-container configuration.

After clicking on Get Started, a wizard will show us the most important features. In addition, we will be able to synchronize the containers. We will not use this option for the moment. Therefore, just click Not now. Therefore, we are now ready to start using the containers. Consequently, we will see a list of available containers. To start, click on the “work” container.

A new tab for this container will open immediately. In fact, we notice that it has a different color assigned to it. In addition, the name of the container and its respective icon appear in the address bar.

New tab of the work container in Firefox.
New tab of the work container in Firefox.

Another way to access a container is to press and hold the + symbol. From there, it is also possible to manage Firefox multi-account containers.

Learn how to create, edit and delete a Firefox container

As we have seen, there are four default containers. Namely: Personal, Work, Banking and Shopping However, it is possible to create some customized ones. Let’s see how to do it. With this in mind, click on the Containers icon. Once there, click on Manage Containers.

In the next menu, click on New Container.

Adding a new container.
Adding a new container.

Next, it is time to customize the container. Accordingly, assign a name, color, and icon for the new container. When you are done, just click OK to finish.

Back to the previous menu, you will see the new container created.

If you go to the Manage Containers menu, you can delete the container.

How to make a website always open in a container

Let’s try a page that is not associated with any container. Once we open it, click on the container icon. Then choose the container.

From now on, when you open the page, you will see a screen like the following one.

Depending on what you decide, you can open the page in the current container. Or just open it in the Osradar container. Moreover, it is possible to set the action permanently. Okay, so we have seen what Firefox Multi-Account containers are. From now on, you can use this option to increase the privacy in your aspects. Bye!

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