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How to activate DoH in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Hi, how are you? This time we're going to talk a little bit about web browser security. In effect, there is a protocol called...

How to enable DNS over HTTPS in Chrome and Edge Beta

Hey, how are you doing? Today we are going to talk a bit about security in Windows 10. In a specific way, we will...

How to enable DNS-over-HTTPS on Firefox?

A vital aspect of Internet surfing today is privacy. However, many people who are unaware of the advanced use of computers neglect the security...

How to install Wget in Windows 10

Hello, how are you? This time we're going to talk about Wget. It is a tool created by the GNU Project. Its main purpose...

Install and Enjoy Caddy Web Server on Linux

In the present world, security is the most important thing to keep an eye on. Even the slightest leakage can allow a huge tragedy...

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