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Using Network Manager to monitor the Windows 10 network

Hello! There is no doubt that the number of devices connected to the network is increasing all the time. Indeed, it is no longer just traditional devices. Because now the Internet of things is booming. Consequently, it is interesting to know that you are connected at all times. To visualize what the network consumption is and to be able to optimize it. In this way it is possible to reduce problems. Currently there are many programs available. However, today we will talk about Network Manager, the app for monitoring the network in Windows 10.

Network Manager, a tool for managing connections in Windows 10

The first thing you need to know is that this is a free tool. However, it is very complete and intuitive. It is an open source app that allows you to monitor your network adapters in a simple way. In addition, it allows making other configurations. It also offers detailed information about each network interface. For example, IPv4 protocol, IPv6, MAC address, etc. In this way, specific connection data is obtained. And consequently, use it to determine settings.

It also allows you to configure the parameters of various network interfaces. Indeed, you can include IP addresses, DNS and different metrics to organize everything in an optimal way. But the most attractive thing is to manage Windows networks in a simple way.

How to use Network Manager

We have already mentioned that this is a multi-platform, free, open source program. Also, as an attraction no installation is needed. In fact, you just need to download the latest version from here and start it. After downloading the file, simply unzip it and run the executable file. You will immediately see a small window with some basic data. For example, the IP address of the network card we are using, as well as the public IP address. Also, the download and upload speed is shown, with a small graph.

Network Manager running on Windows 10.
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Clicking on the configuration icon opens the Control Panel. There is more complete information about the connection. Since it provides data regarding the MAC address of the network card, IP address, the adapter, etc.

Network Mana Control Panel
Network Mana Control Panel

By entering the interface configuration, profiles can be created. Indeed, it is possible to create one with the OpenDNS DNS or any of your preference. There are also practical functions such as subtracting TCP/IP values.

Profile configuration in Network Manager.
Profile configuration in Network Manager.

Other interesting features in Network Manager

It is possible to configure the behavior in the tools section. For example, set it to be launched at system startup or always visible. You can also set the time span of the graph. It is also possible to configure the auto update. In short, Network Manager is a great option for monitoring the Windows 10 network connection. And it also allows you to make changes and configurations. All from the same free and portable app. Bye!

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