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windows network

How to enable or disable NetBIOS over TCPIP Windows 10

Windows 10 has several protocols. Which are designed to make your plugins work in a correct way. Indeed, one of these protocols is NetBios....

How to see which programs are using the Internet in Windows 10

Hello! Without any wealth there are more and more devices connected to the network. Indeed, the list keeps growing. Since many household devices are...

Using Network Manager to monitor the Windows 10 network

Hello! There is no doubt that the number of devices connected to the network is increasing all the time. Indeed, it is no longer...

How to solve network problems in Windows 10 with the Netstat command.

Hello! Sometimes problems occur that affect network connections. Sometimes these failures can be simply due to a bad configuration. Also, the failure may be...

How to enable and disable SMB1/SMB2 in Windows 10

Hello! Windows 10 is an operating system that integrates various protocols to ensure its use with internal and external processes. Indeed, one of these...

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