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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Turn Windows 10 into a media server with Plex

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Many people use their computers to store a lot of multimedia information. That is, they store personal photos and videos. But also, they store movies and downloaded series. Consequently, every time they want access they need physical access to the computer. It would be great to be able to view these files from other devices like cell phones, computers, or SmartTV. Well, today we’re gonna talk to you about Plesk. This application turns our computer into a multimedia server. This means that we can access these files in a secure and encrypted way. All you need to do is download a couple of applications and configure them simply. Let’s see how to turn Windows 10 into a media server with Plex

How to download Plex

This program comes in a free version and a paid version with additional features. However, the free version shows most of the useful functions. So the first thing we’ll do is download the server. That is the software that will allow us to turn the computer into a multimedia center. Consequently, go to this link and download the Windows version. Once downloaded, just start the installation like any other Windows program.

Press Install to start the installation of the Plesk server on the computer.
Press Install to start the installation of the Plesk server on the computer.

Setting up the Plex server

After a few minutes the installation of the program will be completed. Then the configuration will begin. Please note that this configuration is done from the web browser. The first step is to establish a user account to access Plesk. Please choose one of the multiple options offered.

Please create a user account for Plesk
Please create a user account for Plesk

Then assign a name for the server. Note that it should be an easy to remember value. Since you will find it on the devices. Also, check the option to make the server discoverable outside the local network.

Please set the name for the Plex server.
Please set the name for the Plex server.

Now it’s time to organize the media library. The wizard sets the default Music and Photos folders. However, it is possible to add some more libraries. With this in mind, just click on Add Library

Add media libraries
Add media libraries

A window will immediately pop up where you only have to browse your computer to add the library.

After setting up the libraries, the process is almost complete.

Finally, the wizard shows the categories added to the server. Please finish the server configuration.

After the configuration is completed, the main page of the Plesk server will be displayed.

Main page of the Plesk server.
Main page of the Plesk server.

Download and configuration of the client.

Now it’s time to check that the server is running successfully. To do this, simply download one of the many options offered by Plesk. In this opportunity, we will download the client for Android. However, for other Apps and Devices please visit the download section. The app will immediately start synchronizing with the server.

Pesk client running on Android


Finally, we’ve seen how to turn Windows 10 into a media server with Plex. This way it is possible to access the multimedia files of the computer from any compatible device. Of course, keep in mind that the server must be on and connected to the network in order to work. All right, that’s it for now. Before I go, I invite you to see our post about optimizing Windows 10 with Ninja System. See you later!

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