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Mel Khamlichi
Founder of Osradar, from Amsterdam Netherlands

This app changes the wallpaper daily in Windows 10

Hi! Customization is an aspect that I always love in the devices I use. In fact, I’m always changing the look of my cell phone. Now, the visual aspect is nice but monotone. That is, it doesn’t offer many possibilities for personalization. In fact, it is only possible to change the color and the wallpapers. On the other hand, that is a highlight of Linux systems. That is, the possibility to fully customize the look of the desktop. But coming back to Windows, today we will see an app that allows changing the wallpaper daily. The tool is also developed by Microsoft. Consequently, compatibility is guaranteed. We’re talking about Bing Wallpaper. Well, in this post we will see how this app changes the wallpaper daily in Windows 10.

How to download and run the Bing Wallpaper to change the wallpaper in Windows 10.

Windows 10 users were familiar with this function for the lock screen. However, this feature was not available for the desktop wallpaper. As mentioned above, this app is Bing Wallpaper and is available for free download. The executable file is very light as it weighs less than 5 megs. Once downloaded, just run it like any other Windows app.

Installing Bing Wallpaper
Installing Bing Wallpaper

Once installed, there is nothing more to do. Since the app will set different images of Bing as a wallpaper. Once installed, the program icon will appear on the taskbar. By clicking on it you can explore the program’s functions. For example, you can change images, go to the search engine, etc. In addition, the information of the image is shown, such as credits and the place where it was taken.

Bing Wallpaper Setup Options
Bing Wallpaper Setup Options

How to use Bing Wallpaper to modify the locking background

This tool also allows you to customize the locking background with Bing images. With this intention, press the Win+I combination to enter the Windows configuration. Once there, go to Personalization.

Go to Windows 10 personalization options.
Go to Windows 10 personalization options.

Then scroll down and select Lock Screen. Once there, in the Background section, select Windows Spotlight

Sets the wallpaper of the lock screen
Sets the wallpaper of the lock screen

Well, this way it is possible to changes the wallpaper daily in Windows 10. The best thing is that it is a free tool that consumes almost no resources. All right, that’s it for now, before saying goodbye, check out our post about detecting devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. Bye!

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