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Advantages of the renewed Bing search engine over Google.

Bing is Microsoft's search engine that competes with Google in the Internet search market. Bing has some advantages over Google that may make it...

9 things you can do with the new Bing search engine with integrated ChatGPT

Hello! Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI is starting to bear fruit with this revamped Bing with ChatGPT. Launched just a few days ago and with...

The top search engine alternatives to Google

Hello! You are probably familiar with the term search engine. Besides, when you hear it, you probably associate it with Google. Indeed, the Mountain...

This app changes the wallpaper daily in Windows 10

Hi! Customization is an aspect that I always love in the devices I use. In fact, I'm always changing the look of my cell...

The Windows 10 search bar doesn’t work: how to fix it.

Hi, how are you? For some time now, users are reporting bugs with the Windows 10 search bar. Consequently, no results are shown when...

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