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The best tools to optimize your PC with Windows 11

When it comes to speeding up your computer, there are many solutions before taking drastic measures. With this post, you will discover some programs that will help you to achieve it. Today, we suggest several programs to clean your Windows PC and speed up its performance. We already know that some computers tend to run slow if it has been a long time since you first used it, and you have not formatted it. This problem is also related to the amount of useless files that the operating system accumulates. These free programs for your Windows 11 computer will help you to optimize your PC.

Remember that it is useful if you usually have a lot of applications open or play some demanding titles. It is especially advisable to do a good periodic cleaning if you have an old or resource-constrained PC. Below, we name the seven best applications to optimize Windows 11. If you notice that your PC is running slow, these programs will help you solve those performance problems.

Apps to clean up and make Windows 11 run faster.


Piriform’s flagship program takes the first place in the ranking. It is undoubtedly the best free program for cleaning and speeding up a Windows PC. Although it has a premium version, the free version does everything you need.

With it, you can delete practically everything that is useless on your PC and operating system. From cookies to temporary files, through browsing history from Chrome and other browsers. In addition, it is very configurable, and you can choose what to clean and what not. Especially if you don’t want to keep files that are useful to you. You can download it directly from its website. It also works on other operating systems. Despite being marred by some privacy issues, it is still an excellent choice. A classic when it comes to optimize your pc.


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Originally created for Linux, BleachBit is one of the best programs to speed up a Windows computer for several reasons. For starters, it doesn’t cost any money, which is important. It also has a simple and uncluttered interface. You practically only have to press one button to proceed with the cleaning.

It is lightweight, that is, it hardly consumes resources or space on your hard drive. Its retro look should not deceive you: it does its job perfectly, but without flashy additions as CCleaner and other applications to optimize Windows 11 can have. It is available on its web page, both for Windows in .exe format and in portable. In this second version, it is not necessary to install it, just run it with a double click.

Glary Utilities

This Windows app is well known worldwide as one of the main alternatives to CCleaner. Practically, it offers everything that its main rival does. However, it includes some extras when it comes to choosing which files you want to delete.

With Glary Utilities you can easily and quickly free up disk space. Even faster than any other program to clean and free up space on Windows. One of the additions is borrowed from CCleaner. We are talking about the option to disable the automatic startup of some applications when you turn on the PC.

Razer Cortex: Game Booster

If you are a regular PC gamer, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the name Razer. It is one of the leading brands in manufacturing peripherals for gaming computers.
To lend a hand to all those gamers who want to play good games on not so powerful PCs, they have a program to optimize Windows and its operation so that the game in question runs a little more smoothly.

It’s useful, and it really works. Although, if you don’t have the necessary requirements, it won’t be able to do much. It’s called Razer Cortex, and it’s available for free. Although it is focused on games, it also works to optimize your PC.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Halfway between Glary Utilities and BlechBit is Wise Disk Cleaner. With all the functions of the former, its interface is much more similar to the simplicity of the latter. Not bad if all you want is a program to clean and speed up your Windows PC without complications.

In just a few seconds, Wise Disk scans and tells you how much space you can free up on your computer. Then all you have to do is click and you’re done! Clean hard disk.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is an application that has been on the market for a long time. In addition, it is able to optimize the computer for better performance. It has a free and paid version (Pro), which adds special maintenance functions for Windows 11 and a protection system for RAM memory, but having to pay money of course.

If we opt for the free version, we will have a real-time monitoring system of the computer. In addition to keeping track of excessive use of RAM, CPU and GPU, also at the time. It also controls threats such as spyware, suspicious browsing sessions. It also keeps a record of all registry entries for greater security.

PC OneSafe PC Cleaner

PC OneSafe PC Cleaner is a program that is able to maximize the performance of Windows, looking for everything that can be deleted to improve the fluidity of the device. For example, shortcuts of programs that do not exist. Also, application files that we have already deleted and that are not necessary.

There is a paid version which adds a duplicate file deletion system or the possibility of recovering deleted or damaged data. OK, this is the end of the list of the best tools to optimize your PC with Windows 11.

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