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windows performance

Services that you can disable to make Windows 10 run faster

Hello! Windows 10 brings with it great improvements and new features. However, not everything is always positive, and we also have to deal with...

7 tips to increase the performance of Windows 10.

Hello! Although Windows 11 will soon be 1 year since its launch, there are still many people who have not decided to take this...

These actions are detrimental to Windows performance.

Hello! Surely, more than once, we have tinkered with our Windows PC. As a result, we have disabled some important function for the proper...

Get the most out of your laptop with Ultimate Performance Mode

Hello! Microsoft has previously incorporated a new power plan. Specifically, in April 2018 Update, Windows started to feature a plan called Ultimate Performance. Which...

How to disable automatic maintenance in Windows 10

Hello! Windows 10 is a very complete system. Indeed, part of its effectiveness is due to the fact that it performs activities without the...

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