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The best tools for screenshots

Screenshots are very useful when we want to capture some kind of error, an image or a specific configuration. They are also very useful to help third parties. Screenshots are saved as images on the computer, waiting to be edited or shared with others. Certainly, Windows allows doing this. However, it is possible to speed up the process by using a screen capture tool. To take screenshots on Windows, the classic way has always been to use the Print Screen key on our keyboard. Then, we only have to paste it in an application like paint. Then, we cut it out and save the result. This method is impractical, unintuitive, and very slow. There are certainly tricks such as the keyboard shortcut Win + Print Screen that saves a screenshot of the entire screen. However, it is still not a very convenient way. Especially if we take numerous screenshots.

What to look for in a good tools for screenshots?

Nowadays, there are numerous tools designed to help us take screenshots more quickly. In addition, they provide additional functions such as cropping or editing in real time. No need to make use of a third-party application. We have already mentioned that the screenshot function on Windows is very basic. Indeed, the possibilities offered by third-party tools are countless.

In reality, what we are looking for is to have better control over the image. Therefore, a desired function is to be able to delimit the space of the screen that we want to capture, being able to select specifically the part of the screen that we would like to crop and save. Another feature is to be able to edit the screenshot before saving it. Almost always we have to delete some personal content of the screenshots, add arrows, or highlight some important content of the screenshot. If we don’t do it on the fly, we would have to resort to third-party solutions. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best tools for screenshots.

Snip & Sketch

Windows comes by default with a tool called Snipping. This tool will soon become Snipping and Sketch. This tool allows us to make and edit screenshots more easily than with the classic Windows method. With this tool we can select a new screen clipping. It can be of the whole screen or a part of it. It can even be programmed to take the screenshot after 3 seconds or 10 seconds.

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Within the main interface of this tool, we will be able to see our capture and edit it directly from it. Using the keyboard shortcut, Windows + Shift + S, we can take screenshots without having to open this application.


ShareX is one of the best applications we can find to take screenshots. This application is totally free and open source for all users. In addition, it has numerous tools and features to make taking screenshots as easy as possible. For example, we can take screenshots of the entire screen, of a part of it that we choose or of an automatically detected window. We also have a lot of editing tools. Indeed, we will be able to draw, edit or pixelate a certain part of the image. All this before saving the capture.

In addition, this application even allows us to record in video (or GIF) a part of our screen effortlessly. It has a lot of configuration options and several functions that allow us to upload the screenshots to the cloud, to a server or to social networks automatically.


Another alternative to take screenshots easily on Windows is PicPick. It also has an excellent image editor very similar to Paint that allows us to do everything with our screenshots. In addition to this splendid editor, PicPick is also fully customizable. In fact, it has numerous accessories and tools and functions that allow us to optimize our captures, upload them to the cloud or share them on social networks.


Greenshot is an application that allows us to easily take screenshots of the entire screen, as well as a window or region. It is also capable of capturing a web page by automatically scrolling. It also has an annotation system and a simple editor to make changes in the captures. But its strong point is undoubtedly the OCR recognition engine. This allows you to identify the characters in a screenshot and convert what you have just captured from image to text.


If we are looking for something light, fast, simple and customizable, then we should try LightShot. This application is free and is available for Windows and macOS users, as well as having extensions for the main browsers. This application allows us to take screenshots very fast and in an elementary way. It also has a powerful image editor and functions to upload and share our screenshots with the cloud.


This is one of the most complete and professional applications to take screenshots, edit them and share them on social networks.
In addition to allowing us to create screenshots and edit them, one of the most important pillars of this application is the creation of video. We can easily record our screen, as well as add annotations in real time (or in post-production) and edit other content.


In this case, we find another similar program that will be of great help when taking screenshots on Windows. One of its main features is the simplicity of use that it offers. Of course, for this reason, the customization, and configuration options that it incorporates are quite limited and scarce. But of course, in the case that we are looking for a proposal of this type that does not complicate our life, this solution is perfect.

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