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The best programs to update drivers in Windows

Hello! Keeping your computer software up to date is a key aspect to ensure the security and proper functioning of your computer. However, drivers are some elements that we sometimes forget. The process of installing and updating drivers is usually left to the operating system. However, sometimes we require more complete alternatives. Stay with us to know the best applications to update drivers in Windows.


This is a cloud-centric tool. Therefore, the installed application is limited to collecting information about the equipment. Consequently, this data will be forwarded to DriversCloud servers. Finally, a report on the status of the drivers is displayed. In addition, it displays general information about the computer. In the same way, this data is offered from the project’s own web page. After this report, we will download the drivers from the project website.

IObit Driver Booster

With this application, we will be able to update the drivers easily. In fact, it includes drivers for audio, video or any other device connected to the computer. Consequently, this tool allows you to replace the oldest drivers with the latest version. This ensures better system performance. In addition, the program performs a system backup. Therefore, it is possible to get out of the way of any eventuality.

An interesting element is that in addition to the drivers, it also takes care of keeping other components of the computer installed and up to date. For example, libraries and runtime environments (Java, MS Visual C++, .Net Framework, PhysX, etc.).

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IObit Driver Booster is available in a free version. It also has a paid version. The difference is that it has a larger database. It is also possible to download drivers without security limits. This software is available from $19.95 per year. This version allows you to schedule periodic (and silent) driver checks.

AVG Driver Updater

The company behind AVG and Avast antivirus also has its driver updater. Actually, AVG Driver Updater is compatible with the most recent versions of Windows. An AVG My Account is required to use it. Its database has 500,000 drivers. However, its free version has an important limitation. Indeed, it scans and warns the user which drivers are out of date. However, it does not allow updating them.


DriverPack-Solution analyzes all computer hardware. It can then determine which driver requires updating. Once found, it will download it automatically. So, the user doesn’t have to do anything else. Additionally, it makes a backup copy of the current drivers. Consequently, we will always be able to recover them in case of any problem.

This tool works very well. It is also available free.

Snappy Driver Installer Origin

Snappy Driver Installer Origin is a software quite different from the previous ones. In fact, foremost, we are talking about a free software. Therefore, there is no free and premium version. Moreover, it is a portable tool that does not require installation. On the other hand, it does not require internet when installing the drivers. In fact, it is possible to get all the drivers along with the program. This way, we would have a package with a total weight of 14 GB.

There are a couple of other options available in the program. We will be able to download the index to determine which drivers are obsolete. On the other hand, we can also download only the network drivers (LAN, WLAN, and Wi-Fi). Consequently, it will be possible to access the network from the computer.

Perhaps its interface is not the most elegant of all. Certainly, at first, it can be a bit clumsy for novice users. However, after a few minutes you can get used to it. Moreover, it also allows you to create a restore point. Personally, I have used it since its inception and I can say that it has improved a lot.

DUMo (Drivers Update Monitor)

DUMo is a tool that analyzes the computer to determine what hardware it has. Additionally, it indicates which drivers you have and which is the most recent version available. Its interface is simple and clear. Most of all, it shows the update level of each driver. Unfortunately, the free version has a similar limitation to the other options. Indeed, it is not possible to automate the process of downloading and installing drivers.

On the other hand, the database is quite up-to-date. So, we can use it as a reference base for a manual driver search. Otherwise, you would pay for a lifetime license for a little more than $28.

Driver Talent

Driver Talent behaves similarly to other options on this list. It scans the system for uninstalled or outdated drivers. It also allows you to make a backup copy of the drivers before updating them. However, it has a couple of aspects that make it interesting and different from the others. First, we can uninstall obsolete drivers from within the program. It is also capable of locating and repairing damaged drivers, ensuring that the system can always deliver its best performance.

Driver Talent has a free trial version. However, to use it freely and for life, we will have to pay a $19.95 license.

Ultimately, we have seen the best programs to update drivers in Windows. The list is very complete as it includes paid and free options as well. See you soon!

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