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The Best Google-inspired Linux Themes

Personally, I’m a pretty big fan of Google and its Material design. I bet that you are as well. That’s why such Material themes have gained so much popularity on the Linux platform. Theming is one of the best things to do for rejuvenating your Linux experience.

A majority of the Linux users are a fan of the Material themes and so am I! Let’s check out at some of the most spectacular Material themes.

Note – All these themes are GTK-based, so make sure that you’re using a GTK-based desktop environment, not Qt or others (KDE Plasma and LXQt won’t etc. work).

The best themes

  • Adapta

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Just like the name suggests, it’s an adaptive material-design theme with a cool dark-black and white/teal color scheme. It offers a true pro look and clean environment. You can get Adapta in 2 flavors – light and dark. I personally like the dark one.

The theme is heavily reliant on the official Google material theme, even by using the official Android fonts!

The theme is available for everyone on GitHub. It’s updated on a regular basis, so no need to worry about incompatibility issues. Enjoy Adapta!

It’s Canta, not “Santa”, folks! Here comes a really unique theme that’s based on the material design. Instead of the classic coloring, this one comes up with lime green, white and a dark shade of black with Apple-style window buttons.

The theme is available on the GTK2 and GTK3 based desktop environments, so includes the major ones like GNOME, Xfce, MATE, Budgie etc.

The theme is also available on GitHub. Enjoy Canta!

Material themes come up with only a couple of colors, right? Then, how about a big combo of colors?

Yes, that’s what Vimix offers to you. It’s a flat, material design theme that grants you the wish of your favorite colors (gray, blue, red, green and much more). It’s based on the famous Material theme and supports all the desktop environments using GTK3 and higher (GNOME, Cinnamon etc.).

This is one of the ancient themes of the starting of the Material craze. Unlike Adapta, Paper offers a better approach towards the core of the material theme. The theme offers a wide variety of bold colors as well.

The overall design is pretty similar to the Android’s Flat look while carefully following the Google Design guidelines.

You can enjoy Paper on any desktop environment that uses a reasonably up-to-date version of GTK3. Get Paper from the official site.

  • Material

Material offers the classic look and feel of the material design. It comes up in 3 color variations. It’s more popular due to its rich animation effects, cleaner design and the sharp following of the material guidelines.

Material is also celebrated as one of the well-supported Linux themes of all. You can enjoy the theme on any environment that comes up with GTK 3.20 or higher. More interestingly, the theme comes up in the Flatpak format!

Get Material from GitHub.

I hope these themes will refresh your Linux experience a lot. Feel free to share your thoughts. Did I miss any of your favorite themthemesn’t forget to mention the name!


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