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The best extensions for web browsers in 2021

Hello! 2021 is almost over, and it’s time for a review. This time, it’s the web browsers’ turn. They are certainly essential for internet browsing. However, their performance can be greatly improved through extensions. Consequently, we will see The best extensions for web browsers in 2021. The selection includes extensions for Chrome and Edge. Consequently, they also work on those based on Chromium such as Opera, Brave or Vivaldi. There are also some for Firefox.

Ninja Cookie

Ah! Cookies, those infamous old acquaintances. You’re probably familiar with and even sick of those cookie warnings. Well, if you want to get rid of them for good, then this extension is for you. Ninja Cookie does its job excellently. And it’s available for all major browsers, including Safari.

Sci-Hub X Now!

This extension is the perfect complement to have access to Sci-Hub. This site presents a revolutionary task. Indeed, it aims to democratize access to millions of scientific articles. These articles are usually limited to those who pay. On the contrary, here you will find them for free.

Save image as Type

With this extension for Chrome and Edge you can save images from any website by automatically converting them to JPG, PNG or WebP. In fact, its name is quite obvious, and that is precisely its main function: to save images from the Internet in the format we want, and not only in the one in which they were uploaded.

Quickey Launcher

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The favorites are very useful elements for navigation. But you may want to try a different approach. Through Quickey Launcher we will use the quick access through a simple key. If you use it, it will change your navigation style forever. In short, what it does is a launcher for Chrome’s new tab page that lets you launch any website with keyboard shortcuts. We can even assign a website to each letter of your keyboard to launch quickly.


Clipt is a cross-platform clipboard that easily connects your computer to your mobile and vice versa. It is an application created by OneLab, the group behind the development of the mobile device manufacturer OnePlus. Consequently, you need the Android app on your mobile and the Chrome extension. Clipt uses Google account and Google Drive storage to work.


This is a very fascinating extension. In effect, it allows you to block any site from your Google results. Let’s suppose you want to avoid seeing some websites appear in your search results anymore. Then with this extension you can block them in just a couple of clicks.

Modern for Wikipedia

This is a very curious extension. In fact, it allows you to redesign Wikipedia to your liking. Basically, what it does is to offer you different color themes, font types of different sizes, and interface styles. Moreover, you can combine them as you like. In short, you can give Wikipedia a more original and modern touch.


This is one of the best Chrome extensions for students. It is certainly more than just a spell checker. In fact, it corrects all kinds of errors that go beyond spelling, such as grammar and style problems. It is also available in multiple languages.


We won’t lie, this is a simple extension for Google Chrome. However, it’s almost addictive to use. What it actually does is to offer a list of relaxing background sounds that can help you keep your concentration. It also integrates a timer. This way, the music starts and stops according to our study schedule. It even has a minimalistic text editor, so you can write without distractions. One of the most curious extensions for web browsers.


This is an excellent tool to capture in video everything that happens on our screen or in a specific Chrome tab. We can even accompany the recording of our comments by microphone. It is also possible to capture a thumbnail image of our webcam and text. Finally, we can also add images that we add to the video once recorded.

Okay, so ultimately we have seen the best extensions for web browsers in 2021. They are undoubtedly elements that perfect the web browsing experience. Besides, in this selection there is a little of everything. So, all you have to do is select the one that best suits your needs. Bye!

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