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The most used tools to clean windows

Hello! Most users are aware that security is an essential issue in Windows. Consequently, we usually use an antivirus to protect it. This type of program can detect malware, viruses or any other potentially dangerous files. However, as we use the system, it becomes slower and slower. Logically, the system accumulates residual files. In addition to the data downloaded by the user. Well, all this information accumulates in memory. Worst of all, is that we do not use it. That is to say, it lacks utility. In fact, what it does is to occupy valuable space in the memory. As a result, the computer tends to slow down. For this reason, today we will look at the most used tools to clean windows.

Reasons to use tools to clean Windows

The pc fills up with files that we do not use, and they end up accumulating. The computer is slow, it takes a long time to start up, it is difficult to boot, or you don’t have space to install something new. Consequently, the best thing to do is to use a tool to clean Windows. Of course, Windows has its ways to clean the system of junk files. Even here, we have shown you how to do it. But let’s be clear, it is not an option that is so visible on the system. In fact, it does not appear at a glance, so the user has to do a search. So, these programs represent a more convenient option. With most of them, we just have to scan and then delete.

Some considerations when choosing a cleaning tool

When choosing a program of this type, some criteria must be considered. In fact, they are the same as when we are going to install any program on the system. That is to say, criteria of security, reliability, price, or requirements. Keep in mind that what we are looking for is to remove junk files from the computer. We also want to remove possible viruses or files that compromise our computer. Therefore, we must pay special attention that they are reliable programs and that they do not suppose a risk. Consequently, we have to verify where we download them from. In this way, we prevent a negative surprise in the form of malware.

It is also important to verify its price. That is to say, if we want to pay or not for the program. Occasionally, the free subscription may hide a hidden future payment or not convenient payment plans. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the offer very well.

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Another aspect to consider is the suitability of the program. I mean, maybe we download a very complete service to give it a minor use. Consequently, we will be occupying the computer with an unnecessary program. In addition, it can slow it down. On the contrary, we may download the first program offered to us. Then it may not meet the expectations of a good cleaning program. In summary, be careful with the price and the plans. Also verify that the download site is reliable. Finally, check that the program is the most suitable for your intended use. Having clarified the point, let’s take a look to the most used tools to clean windows


CCleaner is the best known and one of the most widely used. It is certainly one of the best programs to clean the PC and one of the most useful. However, recently, it has become a tool shrouded in controversy. Indeed, it has been accused of collecting user data. In addition to flooding the computer with massive advertising. In this way, their behavior was uncomfortable and annoying.

Now, the company behind its development claims to have put these drawbacks behind it. So if you want to optimize your computer, then CCleaner is for you. In addition, they have included a portable version. That is, it will not install anything on your system. A way to fulfill its function and feel more secure.


BleachBit is also one of the best programs for PC cleaning. It is also free and open source, so you can install it without any problem. With it, you will be able to delete all the files you want and analyze any disk in your computer. You will be able to analyze them or delete everything that is no longer needed. Additionally, it takes care of deleting cookies, checking the internet history and deleting it, deleting the clipboard, deleting temporary files, deleting uninstallers of updates. In fact, all you have to do is check the boxes of what you want to delete and what you don’t want to delete. The scanner will then check the unwanted files.

It is a very intriguing and cross-platform option. Its interface is elementary, some would say basic. However, it gets the job done. Apart from cleaning the PC’s memory, it also cleans most of the installed programs. Such as browsers, PDF readers, office suites and others. Consequently, it removes passwords, history, cache, forms, etc.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is another free PC cleaning tool. It is characterized by scanning the entire computer to clean it from junk. It allows you to free up storage by cleaning temporary files or web browser junk.

One of its most useful features is the ability to schedule periodic system cleanups. This way we can set them on a weekly or monthly basis. Its use is basic, just scan and then clean. It’s that simple!

Clean Master

If you are thinking about paying, then Clean Master is for you. It is one of the best paid PC cleaning programs. Although it has a free trial version. It also has a more basic free version. However, with this one you can clean the residual files or junk on your computer, optimize it and improve the cleaning tools. Therefore, it is more than enough for the home user. With the paid option, you will have more options. For example, programmable self-cleaning, file recovery or repair of deleted or corrupted files. In both versions, it will search for junk files and delete them to optimize performance and also free up space on your PC easily.

Its strong point is the comfortable and attractive interface. On the other hand, it also has a version for Android.

AVG TuneUp.

AVG is one of the most common antivirus programs in Windows. It also has TuneUp, a specialized PC cleaning software. Its use allows you to optimize, clean, speed up and repair your PC. It is necessary to pay to use it. Its price is almost $30 for a year for one computer. However, you can try it for free for 7 days.

AVG TuneUp allows you to speed up your computer, uninstall what you don’t need, remove unwanted files, update programs automatically and clean the registry automatically. It also includes scheduled maintenance without you having to worry: eliminating cookies, cache, residual files and freeing up disk space for whatever you want. It is certainly one of the best options. Maybe its downside is that you have to pay to use it. Very well, ultimately, we have seen the most used tools to clean windows. Paid and free options are available for your convenience. Bye!

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