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The 5 strangest and most curious websites on the internet.

When someone says that you can find anything on the Internet, you have to agree. However, when someone says that you can find anything on the Internet, you have to agree with them. On the contrary, you have to take it as something that expresses the content of a network. Indeed, it is here that the good and the bad, the funny, the curious and the easy, alternate continuously. That’s why today, we will look at websites that are totally different from the ones we usually use. Actually, a touch of distinction or originality in a web is a good thing. Even more so in an era where it seems that what we are looking for is to imitate everything that is successful and thus not having to risk anything. Next, we will look at some of the most curious and strange websites that we can find on the internet.

A touch of originality always comes in handy.

As we said, finding authentic and original content is becoming increasingly difficult. However, the sites on this list are different. Indeed, they have originality as a flag, even too much in some cases. In this way, they offer the Internet user something different from what is everywhere, with different themes to what we find every day. There is no doubt that the websites we are going to see now will be a turning point in our way of seeing the network. Moreover, there is no doubt that we will focus our searches towards the pages that offer us something more than what we already see every day.

On the other hand, even if they are original and curious, they do not have to be operational or usable. In fact, that is not their main function. In fact, we are talking about totally original content that will certainly make us have a good time. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most curious websites that we can find on the Internet.

Homer Web’s Page

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, you’ll remember an episode in which Homer creates his first web page with a bunch of messy, noisy, nonsensical GIFs. Despite this, this design showed the personality of this character and his hilarious way of living. Well, you can experience firsthand what Homer designed. In addition to seeing all the details that you may have missed in the series itself and that you had not noticed.

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In addition, Homer Web’s Page allows you to watch episodes online, download wallpapers, games, sounds and GIFs.

Million Dollar Homepage

There are some websites that serve no purpose and where we can hardly interact. However, even so, they are curious and above all strange. This is something that happens when we visit Million Dollar Homepage. In effect, this is a website where the only thing we are going to see is advertising, without any other pretension.

The page was created by a student back in 2005 with the sole purpose of trying to earn some money. Well, Alex Tew, that’s the student’s name, has succeeded. In fact, with this website, full of blocks of ads, he has achieved thousands of visits, if only out of curiosity to see a page that is not really useful for anything. What’s more, he was selling 1 pixel of the website for the value of a dollar. Counting with a total of 1,000,000 pixels in total, which were sold completely as it is read in the web page itself. Undoubtedly, some of the most curious websites we can find.


GeoGreeting at least offers us something, although it is more curious than really useful. This website uses the Google map to search for buildings or houses that it considers to be suitable for what we have written in the search. Something that really has little utility. However, it follows the path of originality that we have marked in this list.

Once you have typed in what you want, the system will search for the building or buildings that are the same. Or at least what the algorithm considers most similar. In short, it is a world-wide search and finally offers us many possibilities.

First Person Tetris

First Person Tetris is a highly original way to play the famous Tetris game. Indeed, you’re doing it on an old TV, with a console that you can’t find anymore. Moreover, using a different operating system than usual. You can move the tiles with the keyboard, but to move them in position, what moves are the perspective of the screen, not really the tile. This change contributes to the curiosity of this website.

It is an addictive website, especially if you like this game that, even though years go by, still has millions of followers all over the world.

World Highest Website

If you hate scrolling on a website, we don’t recommend you to open this one. Among the weirdest websites we have found is World Highest Website. In effect, a website with almost 20 kilometers that you will have to scroll through. You can start scrolling until you get tired. However, the website has a “magic” elevator that you can play using the key combination Ctrl + Home. This will allow you to go all the way to the end to see what hides the world’s longest website. And one of the rare ones.

Ultimately, we have seen some of the strangest and most curious websites. So, you are guaranteed a good time of entertainment and fun. See you later!

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