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Best websites to convert audio to text.

Hello! On many occasions, we have audio and we need to convert it to text. It can be in a professional environment. Indeed, you may need to transcribe meetings, talks, or interviews. Even at leisure. You may receive a WhatsApp audio and you can’t hear it. Also if you want to transcribe university lessons without doing it by hand. For whatever reason, today we are going to find out how. The best thing about this list is that they are free websites. So there is no need to download or install anything. Check out the best websites to convert audio to text.

List of the best websites to convert audio to text.

Text From Speech

This is a simple tool that delivers what it promises. It also has a very basic but functional interface. But it has several advantages. First of all, it is free and available online. In addition, it does not require downloading, installation or registration. It also works in several languages. You only need to speak to transcribe the audio or video. From there, you can save it, copy it, take it to Word or even print it directly. It is also possible to send it directly by e-mail. Being a multilingual platform, it works with language recognition.


In Dictation, you can speak and it will transcribe the words in real-time. It also detects swear words and marks them with an asterisk. It also has a simple and easy-to-use interface. All you need to do is speak loudly and clearly, with the correct pronunciation. On the other hand, the website is very user-friendly and simple. Just click on Start to start transcribing the voice.


Speechnotes is a classic choice for these tasks. Like the other options, you can use it online without downloading anything. However, it also has an Android version. It is certainly not as fluid as the other options. However, it is a good option for mobile use. It also supports multiple languages and has commands to make it easy to use. This allows you to enrich the text with punctuation marks for example. Additionally, it allows exporting the text to the known formats. Although it is also possible to upload it to Google Docs, to have it in the cloud.

Bear File

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The interface is not as comfortable as the previous one. Also, instead of talking, you have to upload MP3 audio. It is the best option when transcribing a lecture, a class, or an interview. You don’t have to dictate it in real-time. Just upload the MP3 file. In addition, it supports MP3, WAV, MWV, and OGG (the format of the audio sent via WhatsApp). You can upload files up to 3 MB in size. Then click on Convert and wait a few seconds. The website indicates that it could take 45 seconds to transcribe a 1 MB audio.

Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook is one of the most accurate websites on this platform. Simply activate the microphone to dictate in real-time. You can also edit it and add punctuation marks. We can download it in .txt format on the computer. Its great attraction is that it has an extension for Google Chrome. The extension is cross-platform and is compatible with the main text editing programs. Such as Word and Excel.


The interesting thing about this website is that it has support for several dialects. Also, its speech recognition algorithm is very good. It allows you to detect it even if you sing or speak fast. To do this, it uses Google speech recognition. So there is no need to install anything. This website allows you to transcribe audio to text. But it also extracts text from audio files or converts text to speech if necessary. In addition, it has automatic saving and allows you to export, print, share by email. It also has a bar to add punctuation marks. Perhaps its most interesting feature is that it allows you to export subtitle files. This is very useful for a video intended for the hearing impaired. Or simply speak another language. Simply one of the most complete options on this list.

At the end of the day, we have seen the best sites to convert audio to text. Therefore, you already have an excellent tool for your work, leisure, or study. See you soon!

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