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The 5 Best Hardware Info Tool on Linux

On Linux, learning about your system hardware can be tough sometimes. Don’t worry; there are a number of available tools to get you a full specification of your current system. We’ve already discussed Superfetch and Neofetch, two Linux tools for finding out the basic system specs. However, they don’t provide any advanced info that you may need to know in various cases.

Hardware info tools

Let’s have a look at some of the most powerful tools for checking your hardware information on Linux.

  • CPU-X

On Windows, everyone is familiar with CPU-Z, right? It’s one of the finest tools for finding out almost everything about the hardware. CPU-X is the equivalent of CPU-Z but for the Linux platform.

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The interface is very familiar with the CPU-Z. It also offers almost all the information you can know about your system.

  • Hardinfo

This is a hardware analysis and system benchmarking tool for Linux. It’s quite similar with AIDA64 on Windows.

Using this tool, you can also benchmark your system.

  • lshw

It’s one of the built-in Linux tools that come up with almost any Linux system. It’s a very handy tool for finding out your system specs and other hardware information. It’s a CLI tool.

Run the following command –

lshw -short

If you’re looking for a GUI version of lshw, you have to use “lshw-gtk” or “lshw-gui”.


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