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How to clean and organize the Windows 10 start menu

The Windows 10 start menu is a fundamental element of the system. For this reason, keeping it organized is a great advantage. It can...

How to edit Windows 10 Start menu folders and applications

Today we are going to see how to edit the folders and applications in the Windows 10 Start menu list, so it is possible...

Microsoft introduces the new Windows 10 start menu.

Windows 10 is a system with a large market share. Indeed, there are many users in the domestic and business environment. However, this does...

How to customize the start menu in Windows 10.

The start menu is one of the most used elements in Windows 10. Similarly, this element has undergone a radical transformation since the first...

Enjoy the Classic Start Menu on Windows 10

With the introduction of Windows 10, we got rid of the horrible start menu system of Windows 8 and 8.1. That Metro start menu...

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