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How to clean and organize the Windows 10 start menu

The Windows 10 start menu is a fundamental element of the system. For this reason, keeping it organized is a great advantage. It can save precious minutes of time. In addition, unfortunately, it often looks chaotic. Since few users take the trouble to organize it according to use. Indeed, the most common option is to leave it as it comes with the system. However, having it organized is a highly recommended measure. Very well, let’s see how to clean and organize the Windows 10 start menu

How to organize what appears in the start menu.

Windows 10 has a very complete Settings Center. In fact, from there you can configure many aspects of the system. So, if we want to fix that often involves the start menu, we must start from there. We know that the Start menu includes many elements. From newly installed applications, as well as the most used ones. Well, all this data is customizable. Let’s see how to do it. The first thing you have to do is to press the Win+I combination to go to Windows Settings. Once there, just click on Personalization.

Windows Settings>Personalization
Windows Settings>Personalization

Available options

  • Show more tiles on start: this option makes the space of the Start menu much larger and more icons can appear
  • Show recently added applications: Recently installed programs or applications will appear first in the start menu.
  • Use Start full screen: activating this will cause the Start menu to be displayed on the entire screen and not just in one corner.
  • Show most frequently used applications: the most frequently accessed applications will appear in a separate section.
  • Show occasionally suggestions in Start: this option shows suggestions of applications that Windows considers that can be useful to us.
  • Choose which folders appear on Start: This allows you to choose the folders that appear in the Start menu. Clicking on it will open a new window. There you can freely choose the folders you want to appear. You only have to select them to be displayed or not.
  • Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on Start or the Taskbar and in File Explorer Quick Acces: This parameter is relative to the elements open for a short period of time. In effect, these will be displayed in the Start menu or in the quick access menu.

These aspects correspond to the basic configuration of the Windows start menu. You just have to give it your personal touch. To customize it more, you only have to uninstall the applications that you do not use. In addition to anchor or unanchored the redundant ones. Since some elements are also shown in the taskbar. It is also possible to organize common elements in a single folder. To do this, simply drag one program on top of the other to form a folder.


Okay, so we have seen how to clean and organize the Windows 10 start menu. As you can see, it is a simple process that will improve your productivity. In addition, I recommend you complement it with the edition of the folders that form the start menu. See you later!

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