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How to customize the start menu in Windows 10.

The start menu is one of the most used elements in Windows 10. Similarly, this element has undergone a radical transformation since the first versions of Windows. In fact, in Windows 8 it was decided to dispense with this element. However, due to user complains, the menu came back with Windows 10. In this post, I will show you how to customize the start menu in Windows 10. This way you can get the most out of it.

Modify the start menu with Start Settings

Windows 10 provides a native tool to configure the behavior of the start menu. Additionally, to launch it, please press the Win+Q combination and type Start settings.

Launching Start Settings
Launching Start Settings

Immediately a menu will be displayed with several options to configure:

Startup options to customize
Startup options to customize

Here are some of the most interesting options:

  • Show more icons on start: this option allows you to increase the lateral expansion of the Start menu. In this way, it will be possible to place more icons. Consequently, you will be able to access the different applications and files stored on the PC.
  • Show app in start menu: this option is activated to make a list with all the applications installed in the computer be shown or not. This option is activated when we click on the Start button.
  • Show recently added apps: when activated, the Windows 10 Start button will show in the first positions the applications that have been used or installed recently. This is very useful to quickly locate the newly-installed program.
  • Use Start full screen: If this option is enabled, the start menu will be displayed in full screen as it is for Windows 8.
  • Show most used apps: This option adds a new section at the top of the Windows 10 Start menu, in which the most used applications are displayed.

Change the color of the start menu

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From this same menu, it is possible to modify the color of the elements that are shown in the start menu. In the first place, click on Colors. Then click on Choose your accent color. This modifies the color of the tiles and the additional elements shown in the start menu.

Change the size of the Start menu in Windows 10

A new feature is the possibility to change the size of the items in the start menu. This could not be done in previous versions of Windows. With this intention, launch the menu and navigate to some of the corners. Forthwith an arrow will appear with which you can modify the size of the menu.

Changing the size of the start menu in Windows 10

Change the size of the tiles.

We have already seen that the tiles in Windows 10 are quite modifiable. In fact, the size can also be changed. With this in mind, just right-click on the tile and then select Resize.

Modify the size of the tiles.
Modify the size of the tiles.

Four different sizes can be chosen to suit the user’s needs.

Pin and unpin tile applications

Another way to customize the start menu is to pin any program to the menu. To do this, just right-click the mouse on the program and select the option Pin to Start

Pin to start
Pinning a program into start menu

To unpin a program from the start menu, repeat the above procedure. But this time select Unpin from start

Unpinning a program from the start menu
Unpinning a program from the start menu


Ultimately we have seen customize the start menu in Windows 10. In this way, the system acquires a personalized touch. In addition, the user increases their productivity by better using this element of Windows. Very well, this is all for now, before I say goodbye I invite you to see our post on File Server in Windows Server 2019.

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