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How to block advertising on Android using DNS

Greetings dear friends! Advertising on the Internet is one of the most
most common ways to finance the content we consume daily. But in some cases, ads can cause annoyance, risk, and excessive resource consumption. If you want to prevent ads from invading your Android browsing experience. One option you can consider using is AdGuard DNS. A free service that blocks online advertising and tracking. In this post, we will you how to block advertising on Android using DNS. We will focus on the solution proposed by AdGuard: a DNS that will only take you a couple of minutes to set up on your Android device to get rid of all ads.

What is DNS and how does it work?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is a system
that allows you to assign readable names to the IP addresses of devices connected to the Internet. In this way, users can access websites, online services, or network resources using easy-to-remember names, such as www.bing.com, rather than long and complex numbers, such as

The way DNS works is based on a hierarchy of servers distributed around the world. They store and update information about names and associated IP addresses. When a user enters a domain name in his browser, the DNS system looks up the server that contains the information about that domain and returns the IP address. Thus, the browser can then establish a connection to the server hosting the requested website and display its content to the user.

How to use AdGuard’s DNS service on your Android phone

The AdGuard DNS is an alternative service to the one offered by our Internet provider or our router. In addition to performing the basic function of resolving domain names, it also filters the requests that are made to advertising and tracking servers. Preventing them from being loaded on our device. Thus, we can surf the Internet without seeing ads or being tracked by third parties.

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Follow the steps below to use the AdGuard DNS service:

First step

Go to the Settings application on your Android phone.

How to block advertising on Android using DNS
How to block advertising on Android using DNS

Second step

Then go to Network & Internet>Advanced>Private DNS. You can get to this option easier and faster by typing “Private DNS” in the search box of the Settings app.

Private DNS

Third step

After that, once you have selected Private DNS, tap on “Private DNS provider hostname”.

Private DNS provider hostname
Private DNS provider hostname

Fourth step

Now, you have to enter the AdGuard DNS address:

dns.adguard.com (to block advertising and tracking).

AdGuard DNS block advertising on Android
AdGuard DNS

Fifth step

Finally, click on Save and that’s it!

click on Save and that's it! block advertising on Android
click on Save and that’s it!

With these steps, you will have already activated AdGuard DNS on your Android device. And you can enjoy cleaner and safer browsing. Of course, keep in mind that this method only works if you have Android 9 or higher, and that it may not be compatible with some public or private WiFi networks that require specific configuration.

Alternatively, you can activate this DNS from a more intuitive interface with the AdGuard app that you can download from Google Play.

Google Play | AdGuard for Android

Is it safe to use the AdGuard DNS service?

The dns.adguard.com is a public DNS service that protects against tracking, phishing, and malware. According to its website, dns.adguard.com uses encryption and does not keep any logs of user queries. However, as with any DNS service, there is a risk of bugs, unwanted failures, delays, or crashes. It is therefore recommended to
use dns.adguard.com with caution and verify its reliability and performance before relying on it for browsing. Thank you for reading us. Goodbye!

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