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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Graphical clients for SQL in Linux

SQL Language is one of the most popular languages of our time. Many of the most popular database managers use SQL as their statement...

Install MyCLI to improve the SQL typing

If we are using MySQL or MariaDB it is because we know the commands and the sentences. However, many times, despite knowing them, we...

How to install the latest PhpMyAdmin on CentOS 7?

In terms of practicality, managing MySQL data on a console is not recommended. Overotodo if you handle a lot of records and tables. For...

Install Akaunting on Ubuntu 18.04

It's always a good idea to have applications to manage your personal or business finances. With it, you will be able to have an...

Optimize MySQL / MariaDB on Linux

Always is a sysadmin task, to verify the performance of the server and its services. Especially if the applications that your company uses are...

How to install LEMP server on Debian 9?

Many web developers prefer Nginx to Apache. Actually, Nginx has a better performance but a slightly more delicate configuration than Apache. So today I'll...

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