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How to install MariaDB or MySQL on Ubuntu 19.04?

In our modern distributions, the use of applications for application development is constant. So many applications have been embedded into the official repositories of the most popular Linux distributions out there. On top of that, many developers increasingly rely on Linux as a system to perform their jobs. Among them, there is the management of data in registers. Thus Ubuntu has very popular database managers such as MariaDB or MySQL. So in this post, we will show you how to install MariaDB or MySQL on Ubuntu 19.04.

MariaDB is a database manager very popular in the world of Linux and computer science. It is openSource and has great community support. In the same way, many great applications support MariaDB. As you can imagine, it is an SQL database manager that supports the relational data model.

Recently, MariaDB has released a new version aimed at offering a much more targeted solution to large companies. Especially those that require cluster and base their data in the cloud.

Finally, MariaDB is a MySQL fork. MySQL is another popular database manager. The problem is that it was acquired by Oracle and has suffered a small oversight in favor of the proprietary solution.

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So, MariaDB and MySQL are available to be installed easily in Ubuntu 19.04. So let’s get started.

Install MariaDB or MySQL on Ubuntu 19.04

As I said before I install MariaDB / MySQL on Ubuntu 19.04 is something simple since they are included in the repositories. So the first step is to open a new terminal session and execute the following command:

To install MariaDB:

:~$ sudo apt install mariadb-server

Or to install MySQL:

:~$ sudo apt install mysql-server

After entering the password, the installation will begin.

After you have installed some of these two, you still need to configure it. Both share a Perl-based configuration script called mysql_secure_installation.

Using mysql_secure_installation will not only allow you to define the root password but you will also be able to define some settings.

:~$ sudo mysql_secure_installation

1.- MySQL secure installation script
1.- MySQL secure installation script

When you run it, you will be able to configure some useful things. It is recommended that you read carefully each one of them and choose according to what you need.

After that, you can use MariaDB or MySQL in your projects.


MariaDB and MySQL are database managers, quite important nowadays. Installing them is simple and within everyone’s reach. Now all that’s left is for you to start working with them.

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  1. Just so you know, there’s a typo in the command above. Simply change (A) to (B) and it should now work as expected.

    (A) :~$ sudo apt install maridb-server
    (B) :~$ sudo apt install mariadb-server


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