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MariaDB Enterprise: a new professional solution for companies

It is a fact that companies have different needs than small projects. So in many cases, they need more support and quality in sensitive applications. For example, in the database managers where it is mainly dominated by giants like Oracle or IBM. However, open source is growing at a very fast pace, and there are already solutions with a similar level, for example, MySQL. So, MySQL with the purchase of Oracle has also inherited great features, but also stagnation. Thus, MariaDB enterprise is born to consolidate MariaDB even more and offer itself as a new open source alternative for companies. I will tell you about it.

It is good to remember that, MariaDB is a MySQL fork that arises to protect the community after the purchase of Sun MycroSystem by Oracle. In addition, it is highly compatible with MySQL. However, it has evolved so well that it is now considered an independent application with its own personality. But it lacked a professional solution for companies.

MariaDB Enterprise

It was during the MariaDB OpenWorks that the announcement was made. MariaDB enterprise is a fact and becomes a new alternative for enterprises. Among its main features are:

  • High-End Features and Tools: There will be special features for the enterprise version because the needs of companies are different from the community version.
  • Security, Performance and Scalability for Production Out of the Box: MariaDB promises that by default high ideal security measures are applied so that the company can protect its data effectively.
  • Increased Quality Assurance: Quality standards will remain as high as possible. Therefore, specialized enhancements for high performance are incorporated.
  • Stability at Scale: Of course, MariaDB Enterprise will adapt to the different workloads that the company may subject it to. It will evolve according to the size of the database.
  • Release Integrity: The verification and distribution of binaries will be guaranteed so as not to modify them during their life cycle.

In addition to all these features, there are others for clustering: deeper code auditing, faster and more reliable backups for large databases, and end-to-end encryption.

When will it be available?

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MariaDB Enterprise is currently in the final development phase. During the MariaDB Openworks, it was said that it would be available by spring 2019. So it should be ready for download soon.

On the other hand, you can help with the development by testing and detecting bugs following this link.

You can also read our post on how to optimize MariaDB. Or how to recover your root password.

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